Strength in Numbers: Platoons

When starting a battle in World of Tanks, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed. And if you’re crossing a map alone, you might find your vehicle destroyed quite quickly. It’s not uncommon for a single vehicle of any type to struggle to succeed without a good team and good teamwork operating as backup. If you’re in need of a way to ensure you never roll alone, the answer is simple: Platoons.

Platoons allow groups of up to five tankers to enter random battles as a unit. Aside from being fun, Platoons also offer significant tactical value to all members of the unit. After all, there is strength in numbers.

Team Up: Invite Your Friends

Before you and your friends can launch headlong into battle, your fierce war cries ringing out in unison, you’ll need to invite them to team up. In World of Tanks, it’s easy! Any friend in your Xbox Live friends list can be invited to join your Platoon.

Hosting a Platoon Inviting friends

When in the Garage, you will notice an option to “Invite to Platoon” in the top of the window. If you press the Back button on your controller, the Xbox Guide will open. Choose “Friends” and select some online friends you want to join your team. Then, invite them to join your Platoon. Your Platoon can total up to five players.

Once you have started to create a Platoon, you will see a number of blank slots appear on the left side of the screen. These slots will be filled as your friends join your Platoon. Once they select their vehicles, their tier and vehicle type will fill the blank spaces. 

Improved Matchmaking and Interface

Once the Platoon leader has chosen a vehicle, other members will only be able to select vehicles that are compatible with the leader's selection. Vehicles that are either too low, or too high a tier, will not be accessible. Generally, you will want to select the highest tier vehicle that is compatible with the selection of the Platoon leader to maximize your efforts in battle. 

Incompatible Platoon Platoon Battle Ready Filtered Tanks


If you are unable to select any vehicles, you will either need to purchase a compatible tier vehicle, or communicate with your leader to change their selection.

Roll Together: Utilize Team Tactics

As you enter the battlefield, you and your Platoon-mates should coordinate a strategy. Typically it’s a good idea to move together with your unit, although advanced Platoons consisting of varied vehicle types could strategize differently. Keep in mind that every vehicle type has different strengths, and the benefit of operating as a group is complementing your group’s strengths and covering individual weaknesses collectively.

For example, if you’re moving through an alley as a unit, it’s a good idea to put your tank with the strongest frontal armor in front, leading the group and taking the brunt of any shots heading toward your unit. At the same time, the Platoon can cover multiple viewpoints, minimizing the likelihood of being surprised.

In a similar fashion, your Platoon can fan out in a small area and control it as a unit. If your unit comes upon a lone enemy, that enemy is in serious trouble. Even if the enemy tank hides behind an obstacle, it is naturally very difficult to hold back two or more tanks attacking it from different sides.

The Power of Platoons: Focused Fire

One of the most potent techniques Platoons employ is focused fire. When multiple members of your unit can align their turrets with the same enemy, your Platoon can quickly eliminate enemy aggressors. In fact, sometimes it is possible to destroy an enemy tank in a single collective volley.

Even if your three-tank Platoon comes upon three or more enemies, being able to coordinate the power of all three guns and focus their output on one target at a time means a more efficient use of ammunition and reload time. In the time it takes for one enemy to fire one shot, your unit can fire three. If you move tactically, your Platoon might be able to group up and destroy several tanks, one at a time, before even one of your trio suffers serious damage.

Learn how to coordinate your attacks with your Platoon. Your group will be a menace difficult to oppose. And don’t forget, if you move as a group, you can also capture the base as a group! Take advantage of your numbers by capturing the enemy base quicker than any single tank can.