Ribbons: An Introduction

You’ve tested your mettle time and again and have the medals to prove it. It’s always great to finish a match and get to the Battle Results screen to see all that glorious XP you’ve earned. We know you’re sometimes scratching your head wondering why you earned so much or didn’t earn more. Well... wonder no more! Today, we’re introducing a brand new feature, designed to help you track your battle prowess in real time, right on the battlefield as the action unfolds: Ribbons!


Ribbons are symbols of merit displayed onscreen when you perform actions that earn you XP in battle. This feature will help you to understand what battle actions earn you XP and, in turn, to become more proficient at earning it!

Several ribbons are being introduced with more to come later. Below, you'll see a table of events that will result in earning a Ribbon and XP!

Battle Action

Spotting an enemy vehicle for the first time in battle

Damaging enemies

Damage done to enemy targets you have detected by your teammates

Inflicting critical damage to a module or a crew member

Track (disable the tracks of) an enemy who is then destroyed by another player

Destruction shot, the shot that finishes off an enemy

Scoring base capture points / completing base capture

Feel like an expert in XP already? The good news is this feature can be toggled if you don't need a regular reminder.

Now, get out there and earn that XP!