Researching and Purchasing New Tanks


Once you’ve played a few games in your tier I tank accumulate some Experience (XP) and Silver, you’ll likely be in the market for a new tank. There are two parts to acquiring a new tank: researching, then the actual purchase.

Researching a New Tank

Behind every tank is a set of engineers, blueprints and prototypes. Researching a tank is done using XP, which is earned after every battle and the quantity earned depends on your battlefield performance. Think of researching a tank as funding a group of engineers to design the schematics using XP.

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Purchasing a New Tank

This simulates the actual process of turning a blueprint into an actual working tank. Using Silver, which is also earned after every battle, you can unlock new tanks in the tech tree and add them to your growing arsenal.

Be sure to have an available Garage slot for your new tank. Garage slots can be acquired by purchasing them for Gold, or by selling tanks that you don't plan on keeping. There is no limit to how many tanks you can have in your Garage!

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