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Greetings, Commander!

Did you just start playing World of Tanks this week? Yesterday? Perhaps you're downloading it as you're reading this. Regardless, we're glad to have you, and we're here to help! If you find yourself entering your Garage and unsure of what to do, or entering battle only to get wrecked, we understand -- nobody starts out an expert.

World of Tanks is a joy to play, but works a bit differently than your average action game. Familiarizing yourself with the basics isn't hard, but it's not always obvious how to go about improving your skills. That's why we've assembled this page -- Newcomer Central: an archive of the best gameplay advice for entry-level players.

Keep this page handy as you begin your tanking career! Take a look at what we offer:


OFFICIAL RESOURCES: Made by us at Wargaming.net
COMMUNITY RESOURCES: Made by players, for players

Every new player is directed to a training mission and videos when they first begin World of Tanks. It only takes a few well-spent minutes to learn by doing -- the game shows you the basic controls and combat principles. Then supplement your training with the resources below!


Getting Started:

Beginner VideosYour Garage | Battle Screen | Newcomer's Forum


Your First Tanks:

Tank Class Overview | Researching & Purchasing New Tanks


Tank Classes:

Light Tanks | Artillery | Medium Tanks | Heavy Tanks | Tank Destroyers



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Beginner Videos:

Light Tanks Basics

Medium Tank Basics

Heavy Tank Basics

Tank Destroyer Basics

Artillery Basics

Premium Tank Basics

Understanding XP

Tank Upgrades (Packages)

Crew Basics

Using Consumables

Using Equipment

Spotting Mechanics


World of Tanks Do's and Dont's

- featuring Timmy!

Ep 1: Running Straight Out There


Intro Guides:

What You Might Not Know | /r/ New Players' Guide | General F.A.Q.



Tanks per Nation | Community Creations | General Discussion


Tank guides:

Light TanksArtillery | Medium Tanks | Heavy Tanks | Tank Destroyers


Podcasts & Videos:

Talking Tanks with co-host KeystoneCops

Tank Destroyers

Heavy Tanks

Beginner Orientation

Medium Tanks


Light Tanks

Video Creators:

CaliMeatWagon Gaming: 60 Second TD Guide

chjalo&friends: Using Artillery

CaliMeatWagon Gaming: 60 Second Heavy Guide

Storm Blast Gaming: Medium Tank Basics

The Beard Guys: Light Tank Basics

The Beard Guys: Camouflage

The Lost Legion: Light Tank Basics

The Beard Guys: Crew Basics

A special thanks to our Club Wargamers and our Community for providing us with awesome guide content to share!


Contacting Support | Installing WoTx One | Installing WoTx 360 | Installing WoT PS4

More Guides On the Way!

Do you know of other tankers creating World of Tanks content? Tell us about them in the forum, and we might include them here!