Marks of Excellence Explained

During World War II, tank crews would often tally the number of vehicles they had destroyed by marking their gun barrels. This was a simple yet impactful way to identify which crews were the very best. Similarly, the battlefields of World of Tanks produce a ton of data on each player's performance, and by using after-battle reports, we're able to record the damage inflicted by every player in every battle!

Marks of Excellence are essentially Mastery badges that look at direct player damage + assisted damage, instead of Experience. Like Mastery Badges, they can only be awarded if a player achieves more damage per game than a percentage of the entire player base. The game server then takes the average damage over the past 14 days from all players who have played that tank and compares it against the player's average damage after each battle.

The damage/assist damage you earn after each battle will be compared against the average for that tank across all battles from the past 14 days. If your average is higher the required percentage of the global average, you'll earn a mark! For example:

Suppose the top damage + assist damage for the IS-6 per match is 7,000 points. To get the first Mark of Excellence, you need higher than 65% of that, which would be 4,550. 85% is 5,950 and 95% is 6,650.

Remember, it's the average of damage dealt + assisted damage!

Marks of Excellence are calculated by using an EMA (Exponential Moving Average), and each tank has its own EMA. We compare your EMA against the highest average damage for all players using that same tank during the time period to determine if you qualify for a Mark.

Here are some examples of how your performance will affect your EMA. We used a 100-battle period so you can get a better idea of how your EMA will increase/decrease. Let's see how these players' performances determine how many games it takes for them to reach an EMA of 1,000.

Example 1: A player who is not very consistent; their performance is all over the place. It took them around 87 games.

Example 2: A player who is consistently putting up average Damage+Assist Damage games. It took them ~67 games.

Example 3: A player who is consistently playing high Damage+Assist Damage games. It took them ~33 games.

What Does This Mean?

Using an EMA prevents players from earning Marks just by buying a new tank and playing one or two good games. If we allowed that to happen, Marks would have little meaning. As you can see, players start out with a low EMA and must build it up over time by performing well. The better you perform on a consistent basis, the faster your EMA will go up and the quicker you get a Mark. If you perform poorly, your EMA drops. However, poor games do not affect your EMA as much as a good game will improve it.

Depending on your skill level, at some point your EMA will be equal to your average Damage+Assist Damage. For example, if your EMA is 1,200, at 80% in the Damage Standings, and you continue to do an average Damage+Assist Damage of 1,200, your EMA and Damage standing will not increase or decrease. So if you want to get to that 85% level to earn your second MoE, you will need to start doing more than 1,200 Damage+Assist Damage in order to keep raising your score.

Players who have already earned a Mark of Excellence can now track their progress towards the next one with the addition of progress percentages. The progress will be shown in the Stats Log, per vehicle. Just look for the line "Your current ratio is higher than the ratio of X% of players."

At the moment, only players that have already earned a Mark of Excellence will be able to see the progress towards the next one. Players without a Mark on any of their tanks will not be able to see their percentage while they try to earn the first Mark. This will be changed in future updates, allowing players to view their progress percentage even if they do not currently own a Mark.


  • Awarded per tank
  • Tier V or higher only
  • Minimum of one battle to be eligible to earn a Mark
  • Once a player earns a Mark, they will always have it
  • Players may see marks awarded again in a battle. This works similarly to Mastery badges
  • Stats tab displays highest Mark(s) and current percentage for that tank if you've earned a Mark

Historically, gun marks were typically earned only by tank aces, so earning three marks in World of Tanks is (deliberately) demanding, but not impossible!

More questions? No problem! Visit the dedicated Marks of Excellence forum thread.