Introduction to Tank Stats

When you start the game, you will begin with tier I tanks for each of the nations in the game, along with three extra Garage slots to place other vehicles (Additional slots may be purchased with Gold). Having a quick battle with each of these tier I tanks is as simple as pressing the “battle" button, but for a more detailed understanding of the game or the vehicle you have selected, you will want to hit the “Upgrade” button to be able to load the tank with Consumables such as different ammunition, Fire Extinguishers, and First Aid Kits.

We have fast tanks and slow tanks, heavy tanks and sniping mediums, stealthy tank destroyers, sneaky scouts, and patient, deadly artillery pieces. You may find that certain vehicles may suit your tactical expertise or play-style better than others, and we encourage you to experiment a bit to find out just which vehicles are right for you!

You may notice that each vehicle differs according to what nation or tank “Line” you decide to play. For example, most German tanks will boast good frontal armor, accuracy and potent guns. British heavy tanks and tank destroyers rely on heavy armor and a fast-firing cannon at the expense of speed and tactical flexibility. American tanks, in contrast, have no outstanding qualities, but few bad ones as well. For the player looking for a jack-of-all-trades, USA is the way to go. However, their armor will not be as strong as the British heavies, and their guns will not hit as accurately as the guns of the German Panzers.

In the Garage, select the tank that you want to know more about and press the "Open Details" button. You will see a screen that is packed with information.

Let’s look more closely at what you can see here. The first column is Modules – these are parts that are equipped to your tank such as engine, gun, suspension and turret. You can upgrade these under the Tanks tab by locating the tank you want in the Tech Tree, and selecting “Packages".

The next three columns show Consumables, Equipment, and Ammunition. You can purchase these for your vehicle by selecting the vehicle in the Garage and pressing the "Upgrades" button. Equipment is only available for purchase with Silver, while Consumables and Ammo can be purchased with Silver or Gold.

The “Hull Armor” bar shows the thickness of the tank’s armor, and the "Hit Points" bar shows the total amount of health a tank possesses. Note that the T-15 has less Hit Points and thinner armor than the M26 Pershing (below).

If a bar has not been completely filled, it is because the tank in question has not been fully upgraded with the best packages it can mount and will not perform to its full potential. See here:

Additional information about each vehicle can be found on our website in our Tankopedia.

We hope this helped answer your questions! Good luck on the battlefield!