How to Use Equipment

When adding equipment, it’s important to know which options to consider. Learning what types of equipment improve the effectiveness of your specific vehicle in combat is crucial for maximizing your battlefield presence. These suggested loadouts will help with the improvement of specific stats of your vehicle.

What Equipment to Mount

Light Tanks

Light tanks play a myriad of roles on the battlefield. Lower-tiered light tanks are the main aggressors in low-tier matches. Higher-tiered light tanks fulfill more of a support and reconnaissance role in high tier matches.

Lower-tier light tanks generally use a more damage-oriented loadout of equipment:

  • Gun Rammers increase a tank’s damage per minute
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drives help keep your shots on target
  • Improved Ventilation will help decrease load time and aiming time

Higher-tiered light tanks need to stay mobile, so they can relay information to their team:

  • Improved Suspension decreases the chance of having your tracks damaged
  • Improved Ventilation will increase your ability to accelerate and turn
  • A Toolbox will help repair your tracks quicker in the event that they are destroyed
  • Coated Optics increase your tank’s view range, allowing you to scout at a greater distance

Medium Tanks

Medium tanks rely on their ability to flank the enemy and score hits on the sides and rear of tanks. Mediums will generally play a supporting role in a battle until the time is right, and they can use their mobility to exploit weaknesses in the enemy’s lines.

Medium tanks stand to benefit from the following equipment:

  • Improved Suspension will strengthen your tracks allowing you to remain mobile
  • Gun Rammers will increase the amount of shots you can put into the side of an enemy
  • Coated Optics help keep the enemies visible long enough for you to dispatch them
  • Improved Ventilation will increase your mobility and deadliness on the battlefield
  • A Wet Ammo Rack will help keep your ammunition safe from potential damage
  • Vertical Stabilizers keep your shots accurate on the move

Heavy Tanks

Heavy tanks are the spearhead of any great tank assault. They use their robust armor and massive firepower to lay waste to the enemy head on while the support tanks flank around to the sides and rear.

Heavy tanks like to mount the following:

  • Spall Liners help minimize the splash damage from artillery shells
  • Gun Rammers keep your load times down
  • Gun Laying Drives and vertical stabilizers allow for quick targeting
  • CO2 filled gas tanks help keep your tank from catching fire

Tank Destroyers

Tank destroyers rely on stealth to keep them safe while inflicting damage to the enemy. Being able to see while not being seen is their highest priority.

  • Camouflage Nets decrease your chance of being spotted
  • Binocular Telescopes increase your view range, keeping the enemy in sight
  • A Gun Rammer will increase the amount of damage you can do in a given span of time
  • A Gun Laying Drive will allow you to aim faster


Artillery can inflict huge amounts of damage from across the map in relative safety.

  • A Gun Laying Drive will tighten up your reticle faster
  • Gun Rammers decrease the long load time that artillery face
  • A Camouflage Net will help conceal your location from the enemy scouts