Sending Gifts to Friends

Send your friends bundles as gifts right from the web Store!

How to Gift

First, click on the “Store” tab from the World of Tanks Console website. From there, find a bundle that you’d like to give to a friend. You won’t be able to send multi-tank bundles, but single-tank bundles and everything else can be purchased as a gift.

If you don’t have enough Gold in your account, the orange “Purchase” button is greyed out. Buy more Gold through your console to make sure your account displays the updated amount on the web Store.

After you press the orange “Purchase” button, a confirmation window will pop up with two tabs, one “For Me” and the other “As a Gift.”

Once you’ve opened the “As a Gift” tab, you’ll enter your friend’s Gamertag or PSN ID. You can only send gifts to players on the same platform (Xbox or PlayStation).

A green checkmark indicates a valid name, and the “Purchase” button will go from grey to orange. It may take a moment to go through once you’ve pressed “Purchase,” so make sure to only press it once! If successful, you’ll receive a receipt, and you’ll receive an error message if something went wrong.

That’s it! Your friend will receive an email about the gift and will find it in their account upon logging in. Plus, they will certainly be grateful for a friend like you!


Can an Xbox player purchase a bundle for a PS4 player?


Can an Xbox One player purchase a bundle for an Xbox 360 player?

Yes, you can send gifts to any Xbox WoT player.

What if the player receiving the gift already owns the tank?

If the player receives a bundle and already owns the tank, the recipient is compensated the tank's value in Silver. The recipient will also receive any other contents (Ops, Garage slots, etc.) from the bundle.

What do I do if I receive an error message?

If you're not sure what went wrong, feel free to contact Customer Support.