The World of Tanks Economy

Understanding the In-game Economy

World of Tanks provides a user experience that has been tailored from the ground up for console. In fact, World of Tanks includes several new and welcomed additions! You will find the interface is easy and intuitive which allows for a seamless entrance to the battlefield!

By pressing the right trigger (RT), you will see a brief explanation of frequent information you will encounter while playing World of Tanks!

Take a look at the Tech Tree:

In the above image, you can see the list of available tanks sorted by nation. Each player begins with tier I tanks. From there, it is up to you which nations and which vehicles you want in your Garage. So, how do you get new vehicles and upgrades?

With the completion of each battle, each player will accrue Silver as well as Experience (XP) and Free Experience (Free XP). XP is earned on the vehicle with which a battle is played. It is used to progress from that vehicle to vehicles directly following it in the tech tree by researching vehicles and upgrades. On the other hand, Free XP is available to research any vehicle or upgrade without regard to the vehicle with which it is earned. Accrual is dependent on several parameters, including: damage dealt to enemies in battle, vehicles destroyed, and enemies spotted along with several other mechanics.

XP is used to research new vehicles and upgrades as you progress down a line of any nation's tech tree. Silver is one of two in-game currencies. It is necessary to first complete research with XP before you can purchase with Silver. It is used to purchase new vehicles once they have been researched. It is also used to purchase important items such as upgrades, consumables, equipment, ammunition and more. 

Once you have fully researched all upgrades for a vehicle and have researched the vehicle(s) that follow in the tech tree, your fully-researched vehicle gains Elite status. Elite vehicles have the option of converting XP to Free XP with the use of Gold. Once converted, Free XP can then be spent on any other vehicle and is a great way of advancing down different Tech Tree lines.

If you need Silver fast, you also may sell your tanks to receive 50% of the purchase price in Silver!

Please note:

As accounts for World of Tanks on PC and World of Tanks on Console will never be unified, all purchases for your World of Tanks on Console account must be made through the in-game interface, which goes through the Xbox Store / PlayStation Store. You cannot make purchases for your World of Tanks on Console account through the Wargaming Premium Shop.