Consumables are one of the most important aspects to your vehicle and should never be overlooked. The three Consumables you bring into action can be all that stands between you and defeat. They can help get you back in the fight if your tank is immobilized, restore members of your crew to operational condition, or help put out fires before they severely damage your vehicle.

There are two types of Consumables: Standard Consumables and Premium Consumables. Let’s take a look at all of the options you have available to you in World of Tanks.

Standard Consumables

Small Repair Kit

• For 3,000 
• Repairs a single damaged module on your vehicle
• Equip Max: 2

This item should be a mainstay on all of your vehicles since it can turn a damaged module into an operational one instantly. This is great for when you become immobilized due to track damage or when your turret becomes damaged, etc.

Small First Aid Kit

• For 3,000 
• Heals an injured Crew member
• Equip Max: 2

This will instantly restore an injured Crew to operational status. A healthy Crew keeps your tank in tip-top condition.

Manual Fire Extinguisher

• For 3,000 
• Extinguishers fire when activated
• Equip Max: 2

This consumable puts out fires when activated. If you don’t have one of these, you will helplessly watch as the fire burns away your HP, which could lead to your vehicle's destruction.

100-Octane Gasoline

• For 5,000 
• Increases engine power and turret traverse speed by 5% in a single match
• Equip Max: 1

Available for American, British, German and French vehicles equipped with gasoline engines. An ideal consumable for scouts and flankers who need to get to vantage points early. 

Note: Consumable is instantly used at the start of the match.

Lend-Lease Oil/Quality Oil

• For 5,000 
• Increases engine power by 5% for a single match
• Equip Max: 2
• Lend-Lease Oil is available to Soviet vehicles
• Quality Oil is available to Chinese vehicles

An ideal consumable for scouts and flankers who need to get to vantage points early. 

Removed Speed Governor

• For 3,000 
• Adds 10% engine power at the cost of damaging your vehicle’s engine
• Equip Max: 1

Available to Soviet vehicles only. It essentially overclocks your vehicle’s engine giving it an added boost of horsepower at the cost of damaging your engine’s hit points.

Premium Consumables

Large Repair Kit

• For 50 or 20,000 
• Passively adds 10% to Crew's repair ability. When used, repairs all damaged modules at once
• Equip Max: 2 (bonuses do not stack)

Not only will this serve to repair damaged modules, but just having it equipped will boost your crew’s ability to fix up your vehicle in the field.

Large First Aid Kit

• For 50 or 20,000 
• Passively adds 30% bonus protection to Crew from critical damage. When used, it heals all injured Crew at once
• Equip Max: 2 (bonuses do not stack)

This provides an extra 30% protection to Crews from critical damage. It also heals all injured Crews when used.

Automatic Fire Extinguisher

• For 50 or 20,000 
• Reduces chance of engine fire by 10%. Automatically activates when vehicle catches fire.
• Equip Max: 2 (bonuses do not stack)

Don't lost any unnecessary HP when your vehicle catches on fire. This item automatically extinguishes the fire, and just having it equipped reduces fire chance by 10%.

105-octane Gasoline

• For 50 or 20,000 
• Automatically provides a 10% increase to engine power and turret traverse speed for a match.
• Equip Max: 1

This additional horsepower will automatically kick-in once the battle starts and will run for its duration.

Premium Nation-Specific Food Consumables

• For 50 or 20,000 
• Provides an additional 10% to all Crew skills for an entire battle.
• Equip Max: 1 

Case of Cola is available to American vehicles

Chocolate is available to German vehicles

Extra Combat Rations are available to Soviet vehicles

Pudding and Tea is available to British vehicles

Strong Coffee is available to French vehicles

Improved Combat Rations are available to Chinese vehicles

Onigiri is available to Japanese vehicles

Buchty is available to Czechoslovakian vehicles

Coffee and Cinnamon Buns are available to Swedish vehicles

Bread with Smalec is available to Polish vehicles

Premium food consumables provide a 10% boost to your entire Crew’s compliment of skills including Sixth Sense, Mentor, Snap Shot, etc.