Clan Management

Introduced after Update 2.3: Speed Racers, tankers now have the preliminary option of creating Clans through the website and conveniently via the Console Companion!

With the Console Companion, You Can...

  • Purchase, create and manage your Clan
  • See your friends list and their stats/tanks/rewards
  • Access the powerful Tankopedia to check and compare stats on every tank and package in the game
  • View your detailed battle history
  • Check out all the medals, ribbons and other achievements you've earned

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Creating a Clan

  • Price: 850 
  • Name: Can include unique, lowercase and uppercase characters of the Latin, Cyrillic, and other national alphabets, spaces, digits, hyphens (-) and underscores (_)
  • Tag: Unique, only uppercase Latin characters, hyphens (-), underscores (_) and digits
  • Profanity check is done on the name and tag at creation (Please familiarize yourself with the Game Rules prior to creating a Clan name/tag)
  • You must choose if your Clan is open for applications from players
  • Creating a Clan if you are already in one is not permitted

Clan Guidelines and Details

  • A Clan can have up to 100 members including the Commander
  • The Commander can promote one member as an Executive Officer (if another member is to be promoted, the current Executive Officer must be demoted)
  • The Clan Commander and Executive Officer can remove any Clan member (dropdown next to member name)
  • The Clan Commander and Executive Officer can invite other players, and can accept or reject applications to the clan (see next section)
  • The Clan Commander can disband the Clan (Button on the bottom of the Clan page)
  • All members can leave the Clan. The Clan Commander must promote the Executive Officer to Clan Commander if he/she decides to leave
  • The Clan Commander can edit the Clan name and/or tag, and whether the Clan is accepting applications (Select the pencil button in the top right and then the fields are editable)
  • The Commander gets access to the My Clan page. Regular members and logged in users viewing the Clan page would just see the list of Clan members with no arrows for the actions on the right

Methods of Joining a Clan (outside of creating your own)

Be invited by the Clan Commander or Executive Officer.

  • Commander or Executive Officer searches for the player and selects "Invite to <Clan Name>" from the player's stats page

Apply to the Clan (if the Clan is accepting applications).

  • Go to the Clans page (assuming they are accepting applications) and click on "Request to Join"


Once a player joins a Clan (whichever of the two methods above), that player must leave that Clan before being able to join another.

Invitation and applications are set to expire after 30 days if they have not been accepted by that time.