Boost Ops: What to Know

Boost Ops are special Operations that can offer you various types of Experience multipliers (Tank XP, Crew XP) when you need them the most! Boost Ops come in different XP levels such as "x2" and "x3," and can come bundled in different packages.

Once purchased from the Store, Boost Ops must first be selected in your "Ops" tab in your Garage before they can take effect in battle.

If you're looking to maximize your XP earnings in the shortest amount of time, Boost Ops can certainly help, as long as you do well in battle. However, Boost Ops have no actual in-game effects, it will only increase your XP yield after battle.

A Boost To Your XP

  • Boost Ops can stack with daily multipliers and other regular Operations
  • Boost Ops can only be acquired from the in-game Store
  • You must check the "Ops" tab in your Garage to view how many Boost Op "uses" you have left
  • To view a recently completed Boost Op, check your "Log" tab in the Garage
  • Once a Boost Op is purchased and selected, they are single use only (once per battle)