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Welcome to the Game Guide for World of Tanks! Navigate the contents of this guide from the menu below. If you're looking to learn about upgrading your tanks, or want to understand the concept of spotting, this guide will point you in the right direction. Roll Out!

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Boot Camp

Basic Training

Learn what it takes to command your own tank!

It's in the Tech Trees where you'll spend time planning which tanks to unlock next!

Vehicle Classes

Get started on your tanking career by familiarizing yourself with the vehicle classes you'll try out, and battle against...

Behind every tank is a Crew. Learn what it takes to get your Crews the training they need, and the benefits that follow! Check out what your achievements mean and how you got them!


Learn how you can improve your tank's battlefield performance with Consumables and Equipment, and increase your XP, Crew XP or Silver earnings after battle with Boost Ops!

After every battle, you're likely to earn various in-game Medals and Ribbons for your battlefield efforts!

Advanced Individual Training

when entering battle

Victory and situational awareness go hand-in-hand. Make sure you're aware of the battle type, and your environment.

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Battle Plans

Learn the tactics, ballistic mechanics, reconnaissance systems, benefits of Platooning and more that you'll need to come out on top!

Why are you sometimes placed at the top of the list and others at the bottom when in battle? Read up on the Matchmaker to know why!