Welcome to the F.A.Q. for World of Tanks on Console

For years, World of Tanks has been the go-to game for epic battles featuring historically accurate armored vehicles. Climb into a multi-ton behemoth equipped with a powerful cannon and do battle alongside and against tankers from all over the world. World of Tanks on Console was built from the ground up for consoles to offer explosive encounters and strategic showdowns.

Below are some of the most common questions we've received from our community; hopefully you'll find one of your questions answered below. As always, we encourage you to visit the World of Tanks Official Forum to ask any other questions to the growing community. Roll out!



What genre does World of Tanks belong to?

World of Tanks is a strategic team-based shooter that incorporates elements of the MMO, RPG and simulator genres.

What do I need to start playing?

You will need a Gold subscription to Xbox Live at least 40GB of available space on Xbox One or 5.5GB of available space on Xbox 360.

For PlayStation 4, you'll need about 49GB of available space.

Where can I buy World of Tanks for Xbox/PlayStation 4?

The game is available on Xbox Live for free! Xbox Live Silver members can download World of Tanks for a free seven-day trial.

World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 launched in January 2016. You can begin the download via the PlayStation Store.

Can I play with friends?

Yes! World of Tanks allows you to form teams with friends, called Platoons, and battle together. You can only platoon with players on the same console, however. 

Do Xbox 360 and Xbox One players play together?

Absolutely! Owners of both consoles fight alongside and against each other. 



How many tanks are currently in the game? Will this number increase or remain the same?

World of Tanks features more than 300 armored vehicles from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, Germany, France, Japan, China and Czechoslovakia. We continue to add new content, including new tanks, on a regular basis.

What types of armored vehicles are presented in World of Tanks?

This game features armored vehicles produced and designed from the early 1930s through to the Korean War. Players will take control of light, medium, and heavy tanks, as well as tank destroyers and artillery from these eras. In addition, prototype vehicles that never saw life beyond design documents and small models are also playable.

What role do tank destroyers and artillery play in World of Tanks?

Just as in battles of World War II, the role of these vehicles can't be overlooked. Tank destroyers are perfect defensive units with powerful cannons capable of engaging enemy vehicles from long distances. Typically, their weak points are low mobility, weak side armor and a lack of a turret, which make tank destroyers vulnerable to being flanked.

The role of artillery is slightly different. They work in cooperation with light tanks that scout the map and reveal enemy vehicles. Their extremely powerful cannons are capable of taking out enemy vehicles in one shot from the other side of a battlefield, but they're incredibly vulnerable in close quarters battle.

What is the main objective of light tanks?

Light tanks are indispensable as scouts, engaging enemy artillery units, and hunting down enemy scouts. Their high mobility allows light tanks to reveal units on the battlefield and transfer their coordinates to teammates. They're best used as forward observers, revealing enemy positions and relaying that information back to the rest of the team.

What role do heavy and medium tanks play?

Heavy tanks are slow, well-armored vehicles designed to turn the tide of a battle. Given their slow speed, heavies are best suited to heading straight towards the action, where their armor can deflect enemy shots and create opportunities for their teammates to fire. Heavies also pack a punch with their powerful cannons, allowing them to be a dominant force on the battlefield.

Medium tanks are versatile, all-around vehicles capable of filling multiple roles admirably depending on how the battle progresses. Some mediums are quick and maneuverable, perfect for taking forward positions to detect or flank the enemy. Slower mediums tend to have better armor and are best suited to supporting heavy tanks or defending the base.



How realistic is World of Tanks?

It's a balance between realism, fun, and great gameplay; it's not a hardcore simulator. The challenge comes from executing tactics on the battlefield, such as coordinating attacks with your teammates, controlling important areas of the map, and prioritizing enemy vehicles to focus fire on.

Does the behavior of game models correspond with the behavior of tanks in real life?

The models are nearly identical to their real-life counterparts and prototypes. Their firing rates are similar to the firing rates of real tanks in training ground conditions. When firing on the move, shots will scatter; shells and positioning tactics will be similar to real vehicles, and dynamics like turret rotation will depend on particular models.

How many players are in a single match?

The game is made for incredible multiplayer action. Up to 15 armored vehicles will be assigned to each team putting 30 players in each match.

How long does an average battle last?

Players have 15 minutes to play a Standard, Encounter and Team Destruction battle, but only 10 minutes to play in an Assault battle mode. The average battle usually takes between 6-7 minutes before the game objective is completed (Captured the base or destroyed all enemies).

What game modes are there?

Teams of up to 15 players clash with other teams in four different battle modes, each with its own unique victory conditions.

Standard Battle - The most common battle type: Teams spawn on opposite sides of the map and victory can be achieved by either eliminating all members of the enemy team or capturing the enemy base.

Encounter - A king of the hill battle type where both teams must capture a neutral base located towards the center of the map. You can also destroy the entire enemy team to achieve victory.

Assault - This mode designates one team as the attacking team and the other as the defenders. The defending team must protect the sole flag either by destroying the attacking team or until the 10 minute game limit expires.

Team Destruction - This mode features no bases to capture -- instead the focus is on the destruction of the enemy team. Secure victory by destroying all enemies, or the most in the allotted time.

Will there be a practice mode? Will this mode be available offline?

New players can practice their skills and prepare for real battles by completing tutorial missions. These help newcomers get used to World of Tanks's gameplay and also provide a bonus of Free XP, Gold and Silver! You can also refer to our guides section here.

Team Training – This mode allows players to invite other players to be in their battle, and to choose which map and game mode they wish to play. Here players can practice with their friends, and explore the features of their tanks and the maps.

Tank PracticeThis is a solo practice mode. There are 3 variations, Driving Practice, Target Practice, and Live Fire Practice. Explore each of these to become more familiar with driving and aiming your tank.

Since this is an online game, you will need an online connection to play these training modes and tutorials.

What camera mode does World of Tanks use? What are the controls?

The main camera defaults to a third-person view with four scales of view from your tank and the ability to rotate the camera around your vehicle. There is also a first-person sniper mode and an exclusive howitzer camera for artillery. There are currently seven control schemes available, with an optional cruise control option.

Does World of Tanks support auto-aiming?

Yes. When looking at an enemy, players can activate auto-aim which will lock their aiming reticle at center mass on the selected target.

Is camouflage supported?

Yes, when hiding behind bushes, trees, houses, and other environmental objects you'll be harder to detect. You'll also be able to add additional camouflage bonuses to your vehicle after you begin earning Silver through playing battles. 

Are there any machine guns in the game?

While you may see machine guns on tanks, they exist only for show. There are no infantry units in World of Tanks, so there's no reason to use these machine guns since they would not be effective against armored vehicles.

What types of ammo are available?

Depending on the type of cannon, players can use armor-piercing (AP), armor-piercing composite rigid (APCR), high-explosive (HE) and high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) shells.

What about ramming attacks?

Ramming attacks are an essential part of gameplay. Consequences of a ramming attack depend on the mass, speed, and section rammed on a vehicle. For example, if a light tank rammed a heavy tank, the light tank would take the brunt of the damage. Ramming is a worthwhile tactic to use for "tracking" an enemy vehicle, making them an easier target for teammates.

Is there a free camera mode? When does it come into effect?

There's a follow camera that's available after you are been destroyed, allowing you to cycle between teammates' views.



How large are the maps? What goes into choosing a particular map size?

Currently the average map size is one square kilometer in open field maps; a little less than that for urban and city maps. Our larger maps can be up to 1.2km squared. The size of the map depends on a number of terrain elements. The fewer objects on a map, the bigger it can be.

Are there any destructible elements on battlefields? How can destroying such elements influence the course of a battle?

There are lots of breakable elements. Such as a portion of a wall that can be used as a firing location to fire on enemy opponents. Of course, the enemy could be doing the same, so watch out!

Some maps are named after locations from historic battles. How accurate are these maps?

It’s important for us to keep the battlefields balanced, which in some cases wasn’t realistic on some of these maps. Our historic maps are inspired by these geographical locations, using extensive photographs of their landscape, yet tweaked enough to provide a balanced experience for gamers.



What’s a tech tree?

All of the armored vehicles in World of Tanks are divided by nation. Within each nation, vehicles are compiled into a tech tree. In order to get a desired vehicle, players climb these trees. You start off with the oldest and lowest tier of vehicles, and by playing through battles you earn Experience and Silver that can be put towards earning the next vehicle along the same tree.

Do vehicles have their own Crews?

Every vehicle has its own Crew member - the Commander. By taking Crews to battle, they earn particular skills that can add a bonus to a particular element to your vehicle, such as traveling faster across rough terrain or firing accurate shots.

Also, you can assign an existing Crew member to a Premium vehicle as long as he is trained in the same vehicle nation. For example, you can assign the Crew of the VK 36.01 (H) to the Löwe because both vehicles are German tanks.

Can I have more than one vehicle in my Garage?

Players can store every vehicle available in game in their Garage once they have purchased Garage Slots. It helps to buy additional Slots when planning to purchase new vehicles. When vehicles are sold, the Slot remains vacant in your Garage.

Premium vehicles purchased via the Store tab in the client come bundled with its own Slot.



How does the economy work in World of Tanks?

Players earn Silver by taking part in battles and contributing to their team. Apart from Silver, there is Gold that every player can purchase in the in-game Store, on the Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Store.

Gold can be used to purchase Premium time that will provide a 50% Silver and Experience boost per battle played while it is active, Premium vehicles and other in-game goods.

Does a losing team get Silver after a battle?

Yes, but the total sum is less than if the team won.

Will my in-game purchase carry over between World of Tanks on Console and World of Tanks PC?

No, as accounts for World of Tanks PC and World of Tanks on Console will never be unified, all purchases for your console account must be made through the in-game interface, which goes through the Xbox Marketplace for Xbox users, and the PlayStation Store for PS4 users. You cannot make purchases for your console account on the Wargaming.net Premium Shop.



Are Xbox Achievements/PS4 Trophies available?

Players have the opportunity to explore and achieve various accomplishments in-game by unlocking Xbox Achievements/PS4 Trophies on their gamer profile.

How do players communicate?

There is no in-game text chat, but the Communications Radial menu affords a quick way to voice commonly used phrases.

With your Xbox Live Gold membership, you can also chat with friends using the Voice chat feature. PlayStation 4 users can simply plug their headset to the controller.

Are there World of Tanks accessories available?

There are a number of World of Tanks accessories available with which to personalize your background theme and avatars.

What are Marks of Excellence? How do I earn them?

Marks of Excellence are three-tiered decals that can be earned on any tank (tier V or higher), based on both your direct player damage and assisted damage. Like Mastery Badges, Marks of Excellence can only be awarded if you achieve more damage per game than a percentage of the entire player base. The server takes the average damage over the past 14 days from all players who have played that same tank, and compares it against your average damage after each battle. More info can be found here.