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Prove Yourself in Competitive Community Tournaments!

September 28, 2022

Join our Discord for all the info. Registration for the next tournament opens on October 2nd!

Get ready, Commander: The competitive scene is back, and Wargaming is sponsoring the prizes!

This article will lay down the basics. But if you want to get all the details (and register for upcoming tournaments), the WoT Console: Competitive Discord server is the place to be. Head there by clicking on the button below!

For years, players and clans have been hosting informal tournaments and organizing them on their own Discord servers. Now, we’re making it easier for tankers everywhere to get into the competitive scene by supporting one central place where tankers can go for tournament info: the WoT Console: Competitive Discord server!

The tournaments will still be hosted by players. They’ll include well-known events and big names from the competitive scene:

  • Console Tank Wars (CTW)
  • The SPQR tournament hosted by the Clan SPQ_R
  • The Skyway Tournament
  • CLA: Liga Latina
  • Order 66 Tournaments

However, the World of Tanks Modern Armor Community team is raising the stakes: We’ll be sponsoring the prizes for each of these tournaments. That’s right—you’re playing for keeps, Commander!

All information for each tournament (including registration, rules, results, and prizes) will be found on the competitive Discord server.

And the next event is coming up! Registration for the Autumn Open from Order 66 will begin on October 2nd. The first day of gameplay for the Autumn Open will be October 16th.

So what are you waiting for? Head to the WoT Console: Competitive Discord server and get into the competitive community!