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You Won’t Believe These Community Tanker Videos!

November 13, 2020

Is your video one of the tank-tastic clips we’re featuring in today’s Community Replay? Take a look at this amazing gameplay footage and find out!

Community Replay is where we shine a spotlight on some of our favorite World of Tanks Console player videos. We’ve put together another round of top tanking videos for you below, so kick back and get ready to see commanders do what they do best.

Who knows? One of them might even be you!

From YouTuber SpaceBANDIT
Gamertag: spaceBANDIT
“Back in Black Challenge // Taking a Look at T-34-3!”


From YouTuber Mrsidescrape
Gamertag: SpandexRockstar
“World of Tanks Console Machine Ace Tanker – My Fastest High Dmg Done”


From YouTuber xiverisx
Gamertag: xiverisx
“Icebreaker VK 75.01 (K) ‘SIDESCRAPER’ Gameplay at ‘El Halluf’ map | XBOX ONE | WoT Console”


“World of Tanks Console: Nomad. Ace Tanker”


From YouTuber xX2Fame 4AimXx
Gamertag: xX2Fame4AimXx
“World of Tanks Console: Obj.279E 10,5k Dmg”


From YouTuber World of tanks Console [Hungary]
Gamertag: XYerichoX
“Type 59 Tank Review Bemutató .World of tanks Console [Hungary]


From YouTuber MidwayBearCub07
“World of tanks console epic wins and fails”

Want more? Well, there’s one way to guarantee we’ll have amazing videos to share with the community in the future: get into battle, Commander, and send your YouTube link to us at!