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VIDEOS: It’s a New Year of Community Replays!

January 7, 2021

Enjoy our first batch of community tanker videos for 2021!

The start of a new year is a great time to celebrate the people who matter to you. So, it’s a perfect time for us to celebrate our Console Community with another round of Community Replay videos!

We’ve looked through our inbox and searched the Internet for amazing, outrageous, and sometimes hilarious tanking videos straight from World of Tanks Console players. Today, we’re sharing more of our favorites to light up your screen.

Is your clip one of the videos in our spotlight this time? Let’s find out!

From JumpyEnd

“World of Tanks Console: Charioteer 2nd MoE game, 7.9k combined damage”


From Army Guy E8

“Concept 1B, The John Rambo Tank, World of Tanks Console”


From Eating Cheese571

“World of Tanks Console Hetzer 7 Kills”


From Radio Freejack

“World of Tanks console Xbox /PS4 SU-130PM almost 5k combined 5 kills ace tanker”


From Vishaw

“WoT Console: Manticore – Playing With Food: 1 vs 8”


From TweaK For Games

“World of Tanks console Ps4 STRV-103 abusing camo again”


From dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

“WOT Console II Grille 15 – Sniper”

We can’t wait to showcase more of the best tanking videos out there! Got one you think we’ll like? Send us a link to your player video at

Happy tanking from the World of Tanks Console Team!