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Have You Seen These Community Replays?!

February 4, 2021

Time for you check out the legendary skills in our World of Tanks Community!

Want to become a better tanker or learn moves that you might not have imagined otherwise? Or do you just feel like watching one player totally destroy all the others on the field?

You’re in the right place for all of that! Welcome to this month’s edition of Community Replays!

This is where we showcase some of our favorite tanker-made gameplay videos, bringing them straight to your screen. One of our handpicked videos might even be yours. Take a look at this month’s selections!

From Eclipse – World Of Tanks

“Get BETTER at World of Tanks Console II TOP 5 Beginner tips!”


From Petty360

“M41D Tank Review ll Wot Console”



“WoT Console: M48A2 120MM The New Tier 10”


From Vishaw

“WoT Console: M48A2 120MM – Third Mark Grind”


From Swindle 321

“World of Tanks console – So the IS-4 is OP now?”


From GrizzKoo Gaming

“Objekt 777 v2 – „Super Feuerrate!“  | Erster Eindruck | WoT Console (Xbox/PS4)”


From xiverisx

“Bourrasque ‘DOMINATING CITY’ Gameplay at ‘PILSEN’ map | XBOX ONE | WoT Console”


From Tony Sh0TniK

“World of Tanks Bourrasque Fadin”



“Забавный колобос. Маленькая девочка одна против шестерых!”


From Dmitry VG86

“Медаль ПУЛА WOT PS5”


From HeathclifF Club

“7к урона и медаль Редли в бою на 3 отметку на 252у (заступник) WOT CONSOLE PS4 PS5 XBOX”

From dark_angel_48rus

We love seeing what the community can do. Show us your battlefield best! Send us a link to your player video at, and we might feature it in an upcoming article!