Community Map Phase 2 – Poll!

June 12, 2020

Before we dive into the Poll Questions!

Hello tankers!  BAM1500 here!

Let’s discuss a few other map decisions that are going to be implemented on the Community Map that takes into account the data and feedback from the Community:

  1. Center hill at the north border of the map will remain intact and unchanged as per many requested feedback from the Community. This area played well for brawlers and rewarded with a strong vantage point to own the area of the map. Many players naturally gravitated to this area and were aware of its risk/reward, for this reason, the hill will stay the same and only the surrounding areas will be improved upon.
  2. The two Hard Cover buildings toward the middle in the open fields will be pulled back closer to the Team Spawns. While these areas attracted users to move up to them, there were little fall back options for cover and so players spent most of the match hunkered down and under fire at these locations. These areas will still offer decent sightline visibility and height advantage, but now closer to their spawns.
  3. Speaking of Team Spawns! The Base Capture circles will remain in the positions, however, we are going to update the actual spawn locations for both teams. More Heavies and Mediums will have priority spawn opportunities a little further South.
  4. Many players voiced concern that the map didn’t offer enough cover or protection from Artillery fire. The map will maintain an open play style, but moving forward we will create a better cover to cover opportunities in the fields and other options that players can feel more protected from unforeseen enemy fire. The Poll options will account for these cover changes as well.
  5. By popular demand, the Aqueduct Bridge will be accessible to drive all the way across, there will however be a gap at the middle with small ramps on each end. You may need a Tank that can get up to 50 KM per hour to achieve that jump! See it in action in the video posted below!

This is where you come in! Visit our forum post here to vote in the poll!