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Developer Insight: Community Map Phase 1 Results

April 30, 2020

Learn more about the process of level design and map balance.


First off, we want to thank all the players who have contributed their feedback and thoughts this far, and joining our Live Playtests to collect the necessary data to help improve this map!

As promised, we want to share this data with the Community and offer insight on the development process for Level Design and Map Balance in World of Tanks: Valor.

Few things to note, the Community Map stats account for all matches of varying player counts, including many matches in which players simply wanted to explore and experience the map. However, we also collected Data for matches that had a minimum of 7 players per team; these were matches that likely played out like normal Battles and provide better factual data to work with.

Speaking of Map Data, we are sharing 3 types of Heatmaps of the Community Map: Position Density, Position Traveled, and Vector Shot/Victim. For each of the animated Heat maps, we compiled the first 5 minutes of each match which gives us an idea where players are going, where they are successful, where they struggle, and where no players want to go. Beyond the 5 minute mark, the data is a bit more scattered as this is typically where the team sizes have dropped dramatically during the course of battle and most remaining players go into a Seek and Destroy mode, this data isn’t as impactful which is why we stuck with a 5-minute Heat Map animation.

To read the full article, please visit our forum post here.