Tank Commander

World of Tanks Console is best known as a team-based MMO that offers the biggest multiplayer tank battles on console.

In addition to regular multiplayer matches, however, World of Tanks Console also features an experience for players who love a tactical challenge: Tank Commander.

What Is Tank Commander?

Tank Commander plays like a real-time strategy (RTS) game. Instead of commanding one tank on the battlefield, you control an entire regiment of tanks!

You’ll lead your team against a team of enemy tanks. Your goal in each battle is to win either by capturing the enemy base or destroying all enemy tanks. By switching which tank on your team you control in addition to using automatic controls, you can position your tanks across the field for the best chance at victory!

As with multiplayer battles, your tanks will earn XP and Silver for their success on the field. However, because you’re controlling between six to nine tanks (as opposed to just one tank), you’ll be earning XP and Silver for all those vehicles!

In addition to PvE (player vs. environment) mode, occasionally there are PvP (player vs. player) events in which you can test your RTS abilities against other players. During PvP events, you can choose to play one of two roles:

  • Commander: Just as in PvE mode, you’ll control multiple tanks to defeat your enemy. However, this time your enemy will another player commanding their own tank regiment!
  • Tanker: Play as a random tank alongside other tankers to defeat an enemy commander!

To switch between Commander and Tanker for a PvP battle, in the Tank Commander garage press Y on Xbox or the Triangle button on PlayStation.


How Do I Set Up My Team?

Your team will be made up of tanks that you own and have in your Garage.

To get started, choose Tank Commander mode from the game’s main menu. Right away, you’ll be asked to choose the first tank in your team’s roster. Choose wisely! This tank’s tier will determine the other tanks you can use. All tanks on your team’s roster must be within one tier above or one tier below (+1/-1) the tank in the first position.


The tier of the first-position tank also determines how many tanks you can have on your team:

  • Tier I – II: 6 tanks
  • Tier III – IV: 7 tanks
  • Tier V – VI: 8 tanks
  • Tier VII – X: 9 tanks

Note: A PvP event will have a limited tier range specified for the event. Only tanks from that range will be able to be used.

There’s also a limit on the number of tanks from each class you can have on your team, which you’ll see above the roster:

  • Maximum 2 Artillery
  • Maximum 2 Tank Destroyers
  • Maximum 3 Heavy Tanks
  • Maximum 3 Medium Tanks
  • Maximum 3 Light Tanks

In addition to choosing the first-position tank before the match, you’ll also be able to choose your team’s Leader. The Leader is the tank that will receive Challenge rewards like Boosters and Premium Account Time.

Any tank on your roster can be your Leader, including your first-position tank. To select the Leader, press the L3 button (Xbox) or push down on the left analog stick (PlayStation). Now that’s a good-looking team!


What Should I Know About Consumables and Repairs? 

Before you take that good-looking team of tanks into your first Tank Commander battle, you should know something about making sure each tank is in top shape.

Just like in multiplayer battles, you can equip your tanks with Consumables in Tank Commander. Load each tank up with Repair Kits, Med Kits, Fire Suppressors, and more to keep it in peak condition.

You’ll find them handy, because there’s another similarity between multiplayer battles and Tank Commander: your tanks can suffer battle damage that you’ll have to pay Silver to repair once the battle is done.

This means that Tank Commander can get luxurious, but remember: while you’ll have to pay for repairs for up to nine tanks at a time, you’ll also earn Silver and XP on up to nine tanks at a time. In other words: high risk, high rewards!

With all that in mind, it’s time to roll out!


How Do I Know How the Battle Is Going?

In addition to the Contextual Legend in the lower left corner and the map in the lower right corner, the game’s Heads Up Display, or HUD, gives you some important information at the top of your screen:

  • Time remaining in the match
  • A tank class composition display for both teams
  • Company health bars that show the overall health of your entire team and the entire opposing team

That last piece of info is important. The team whose health meter reaches zero first is the losing team!

Additionally, when you encounter an individual enemy tank on the field, you’ll see its individual health meter above it. If a tank on your team has that enemy targeted, you’ll also see a red ring around the tank and a red target icon below the health bar. Get in there and take that tank down!


How Do I Control My Team’s Tanks? 

As Commander, you instruct your tanks to move and attack.

The Contextual Legend is available throughout the match to show you how to do that. This handy guide sits in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. It shows you the controls that are available to you.

Of course, it can’t show every control. Here are the basic controls you need to know:

  • Select Tank: A on Xbox; X on PlayStation
  • Marquee Select (to select multiple tanks): hold A on Xbox; hold X on PlayStation
  • Move or Attack: X on Xbox; square button on PlayStation

And here for your tanking pleasure is the full shot of Tank Commander controls:


Action Xbox PlayStation
Dolly Camera Left Stick Left Stick
Move Cursor Left Stick Left Stick
Select Tank A X
Marquee Select Hold A Hold X
Add to Selection RT + A R2 + X
Remove from Selection RT + B R2 + O
Select all units on screen RB R1
Select all units in game Double RB Double R1
Deselect all B O
Move/Attack X Square
Attack from Position LT + X (On Enemy) L2 + Square (On Enemy)
Use Consumable – Repair Hold Y + LS Left Hold Triangle + LS Left
Use Consumable – Heal Hold Y + LS Right Hold Triangle + LS Right
Use Consumable – Extinguisher Y Triangle
Reverse LT + X L2 + Square
Set Waypoint RT + X R2 + Square
Reverse Waypoint LT + RT + X L2 + R2 + Square
Set Facing Hold X + LS Hold Square + LS
Set Facing and Reverse LT + Hold X L2 + Hold Square
Change Formation L3 L3
Set Leash Radius Hold X + LB/RB Hold Square + L1/R1
Select all Units of this Type Double A Double X
Select all Artillery D-pad Up D-pad Up
Select all Lights RT + D-pad Up R2 + D-pad Up
Select all Mediums D-pad Right D-pad Right
Select all Heavies D-pad Left D-pad Left
Select all Tank Destroyers D-pad Down D-pad Down
Select all units of (all types but Light) and center camera over group Double D-pad (Up/Right/Left/Down) Double D-pad (Up/Right/Left/Down)
Select all Light units and center camera over group RT + Double D-pad Up R2 + Double D-pad Up
Create Group RT + Hold D-pad (Right/Left/Down) R2 + Hold D-pad (Right/Left/Down)
Recall Group Selection RT + D-pad (Right/Left/Down) R2 + D-pad (Right/Left/Down)
Recall and center camera over RT + Double D-pad (Right/Left/Down) R2 + Double D-pad (Right/Left/Down)
Zoom Camera In/Out Right Stick Up/Down Right Stick Up/Down
Rotate Camera around Y axis Point Right Stick Left/Right Right Stick Left/Right
Toggle Camera Super Zoomed State R3 R3
Possess/Unpossess Tank LB L1
(Within Possession) Select Previous Tank X Square
(Within Possession) Select Next Tank B O
Show Map Select Touch Pad

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