Tank Classes for World War II and Cold War Mode

Cold War Mode 

The Cold War game mode is the largest expansion to the World of Tanks Console experience, starting with the first two tank lines of Cold War: Western and Eastern Alliance main battle tanks!

Cold War mode is the new addition that brings you, our dedicated commanders, highly anticipated features like Era-Based Matchmaking and battles without artillery.

You now have the choice to play the traditional World War II game you’ve grown to love over the years or to discover these exciting features in the new Cold War mode.

The Cold War universe also offers a revolutionized system that classifies tanks into two new Tech Trees:

The Western Alliance

The Eastern Alliance

Within those Tech Trees, you’ll have access to powerful new Cold War vehicles with Era-Based Matchmaking.

What’s Era-Based Matchmaking?

  • Each tank belongs to a specific Era in the table below.
  • There are three levels of tanks per Era.
  • Eras matchmake within each other only! Post-War Era tanks like the M47 Patton will never face the M1A1 Abrams, which is situated in the Détente Era.
  • This system has been designed to create closer games in terms of power levels of the tanks, for more excitement and balance!

Post-War Era

Late 1940s – mid-1950s

Escalation Era

1960s – 1970s

Détente Era

1980s – 1990s

Tank Classes

Variety is the spice of life! In World of Tanks, no matter the playstyle you enjoy, you have five different classes of vehicles you can choose from to find the one that suits your style:

  • Light Tanks
  • Medium Tanks
  • Heavy Tanks
  • Tank Destroyers
  • Artillery (also called Self-Propelled Guns, or SPGs)

Each class has its strengths and weaknesses, but all of them are essential in battle.  Which class is right for you?


Light Tanks 

Do you like to move around and explore? Does it give you a thrill to be able to zip away from a close encounter? Then Light Tanks are calling your name.

Pros: Light Tanks are fast and easy to maneuver. They can make their way around the battlefield more quickly than any other vehicle class.

Cons: With that speed comes a reduction in armor. Light Tanks are more vulnerable and take more damage than other vehicles. Also, their guns, though rapid firing, are smaller and offer less firepower than you’ll get from other tanks’ guns.

How to Play: As the Commander of a Light Tank, get ready to play the role of scout and head to the front lines to spot the opposition. It’s best to stay hidden at the beginning of battle, using bushes along with special camouflage-enhancing equipment while you scout. Then, when the opposition starts to crumble, push forward into enemy territory!

You’re also an excellent flanker, providing backup for the heavier guns on your squad and pulling back before taking too much fire.


Medium Tanks

Options, options, options. For the players who like variety and the ability to take on any role the situation calls for, a Medium Tank is the way to go.

Pros: The main advantage of Medium Tanks is their adaptability. Their key stats—speed, armor, firepower, and so on—fall between those of Light Tanks and Heavy Tanks. As a result, Medium Tanks are essential for filling in any weak spots in a team’s lineup.

Cons: You’ve heard the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none.” Overall, Medium Tanks don’t stand out in a specific trait. If you prefer to specialize in one role on the field, you might be happier at the helm of a tank from a different class.

How to Play: Assess the situation at hand and see where you’re needed, Commander! You might be called on to serve as a scout or a bruiser; depending on your tank’s stats, you might even find yourself well suited to the role. But you have the most to offer as a support or companion vehicle backing up your team’s front-line assault.


Heavy Tanks

Get ready to brawl! Heavy Tanks are made for those who love to be in the thick of battle.

Pros: Like the linebackers on an American football team, Heavy Tanks are built to take the hits. Unlike linebackers, Heavy Tanks absorb the hits with the help of thick plated armor. They also bring the pain during an assault with a range of punishing mid- to high-caliber guns.

Cons: The price of a Heavy’s well-fortified armor includes low ground speed and limited mobility. Don’t expect to zigzag around the battlefield; a Heavy Tank is meant to stand its ground.

How to Play: You might not roar into battle at the fastest speed, but expect to be on the front lines when you command a Heavy Tank, pushing into the fray and leading the assault. Your robust armor and devastating firepower also make you a key player in defending any bases, capture points, or teammates.


Tank Destroyers

If you’ve enjoyed playing the role of sniper in other shooters, then you might enjoy taking the helm of a Tank Destroyer in World of Tanks.

Pros: Nothing destroys a tank quite as well as a big gun, and Tank Destroyers have some of the most powerful direct-fire guns in the game. Plus, just like military snipers, Tank Destroyer excel at hiding and have incredibly high concealment values.

Cons: Unlike Light, Medium, and Heavy Tanks, many Tank Destroyers lack a rotating turret. This means that you need to move your entire tank to aim your gun, which can take you out of concealment and leave you vulnerable if flanked by the enemy. The Tank Destroyers that do have turrets usually have limited gun traverse ranges, making the gun still challenging to move.

How to Play: Take cover, aim, and fire. Your job when in charge of a Tank Destroyer is to shoot your enemy head-on and take that tank out. But be aware: beyond the big guns, Tank Destroyers have stats that vary widely from one vehicle to the next. Some TDs have heavy armor that lets them get in their opponents’ faces; others have low armor but enjoy high speeds that allow them to move like Light Tanks. Take a look at your Tank Destroyer’s stats in the Garage before you jump in!


Artillery, or Self-Propelled Guns (SPGs)

Artillery is the ultimate support role in World of Tanks. These are the vehicles to choose if you prefer standing back, unloading a huge burst of damage, and potentially changing the course of an entire battle.

Pros: Do you like big explosions? Artillery vehicles wield the most powerful guns in the game, and they’re excellent for use with high explosive (HE) ammunition that causes wide-ranging blast damage upon impact. Additionally, Artillery offers a unique gameplay style that you can’t access with other tank classes. Launch a bird’s eye view of the battle map to lob overhead shots at enemies far across the field.

Cons: Arties are often called “glass cannons” for a reason. They have extremely light armor and can find themselves vulnerable to attack due to their low mobility and slow reload times. Many Artillery vehicles, like Tank Destroyers, also lack turrets.

How to Play: Avoid the heat of battle and wait for the right time to fire. Allow the scouts in your team to identify your key targets early on, allowing you the opportunity to give massive firepower to support your teammates on the front line!

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