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The Game HUD (Heads Up Display)

Success in battle depends on more than seeing what’s in front of you. It also involves keeping track of your tank’s status, your team’s status, and the status of the opposing team.

The game HUD (Heads Up Display) is an essential part of gameplay that helps with that. It includes all the visual information on your screen during battle. Elements like the mini-map and your tank’s status box are all part of the HUD.

The following components are key parts of the HUD:

  • Aiming Reticle
  • Game Mode Bar
  • Target Info
  • HP Bars and Bounce Indicator
  • Ammo Component
  • Consumables Component
  • XP Tracker

Aiming Reticle

Located in the center of the screen, the Aiming Reticle shows you exactly where you’re aiming your gun.

It also displays other important information:

  • Reload Indicator
    When you’re reloading your ammo, a circular fill animation will replace the reticle and show you how much time is left until your gun is ready to fire. The exact time will also appear below the circle.
  • Auto-Load Indicator
    If your tank is an autoloader, you’ll see a display beneath the reticle that shows how many shells are left in your clip. A black square represents an empty slot, while a white square represents a slot that contains a shell.

Game Mode Bar

The Game Mode Bar at the top of the screen shows essential information about the match being played:

  • The team composition, which is the number of tanks of each class that each team has
  • The number of surviving tanks as well as the number of destroyed tanks on each team, represented by changes to the tank icons
  • The time remaining in the match
  • The progress of your team’s attempt to capture the enemy base

Target Info

Target Info is an element that appears in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. It displays info about the enemy tank you’re currently targeting:

  • The player’s name
  • The name of the tank being played
  • The tank class
  • The tank’s current health
  • The status of the tank’s modules and crew members

Target Info will also let you know if your reticle is locked on to an enemy vehicle. Once you’re locked on, you’ll see the auto-lock icon above the Target Info element. (When you aren’t locked on to an enemy, the auto-lock icon won’t appear.)


HP Bars and Bounce Indicator

While in battle, you’ll be able to see hit point bars, or HP bars, above other tanks on the field. HP bars will be visible above ally tanks on your screen as well as enemy tanks that have been detected. They show how many hit points the tank has left before it’s destroyed.

Additionally, after you fire at an enemy tank, you might see a bounce indicator icon appear next to the tank’s HP bar:

The bounce indicator lets you know that your shot either bounced when it struck the tank’s armor or was blocked by spaced armor. Adjust your position and fire again!


Ammo Indicator

The Ammo Indicator sits at the bottom center of the screen. It shows:

  • The type of ammo you currently have loaded
  • The number of the current type shells you have remaining
  • The other types of shells equipped on your tank

While reloading your ammo, a fill animation that shows your reload status will appear.

If you have multiple types of ammo equipped on your tank, you can switch among them by pressing the corresponding button shown above each type.

Consumables Component

The Consumables Component is located to the right of the Ammo Indicator at the bottom of the screen. It displays all the Consumables currently equipped on your tank and the button to press to use each one.

If you have a reusable Premium Consumable equipped, you’ll see a cooldown timer on its icon after using it, showing you how much time is left until you can use it again. The icon will brighten as soon as it’s available for use.


XP Tracker

The XP Tracker appears in the middle of the screen below the aiming reticle. Any time you perform an action that earns XP, the XP Tracker will display this information and keep a tally of XP earned during the match.

Note: any factors other than battle performance that award XP, like bonuses and team performance, will be included in the final XP shown on the post-battle results screen (PBRS) after the match.


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