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Equipment for World War II and Cold War Vehicles

No matter what tier your vehicles are, there’s an easy way to make them more formidable in battle: by installing Equipment!

Equipment is a modification that you can install on any tank to improve its performance. Unless you choose to uninstall it, Equipment becomes a permanent part of your tank.

Every tank has four slots for Equipment in the current system. Each slot can hold only one piece of Equipment, and you can install only one of each type of Equipment on a tank—no duplicates!

Other pieces of Equipment can be acquired using Silver from the “Loadout” tab in your tank’s Customization menu.

If you change your mind later, no problem! You can sell Equipment for 50% of its Silver purchase price.

Ready to see the kind of Equipment you can use to buff up your tank? Check out the table below!

Equipment Name


Advanced Concealment

Reduces tank detectability
Advanced Optics

Increases view range by 10%
Advanced Repair System

Repair time reduced by 25%
Advanced Loader

Loading time decreased by 10%
Advanced Gun Laying Drive

Aiming speed increased by +12%
Gun Stabilizer

Accuracy increased by +20%
Spall Liner

Reduces ramming and explosion damage received by 50%
Advanced Suspension

Track durability increased by 50% and damage received from environmental collision reduced by 50%
Engine Protection

Engine durability increased by 50%
Improved Ventilation

Commander Skill effectiveness increased by 5%
Reinforced Ammo Rack

Ammo rack durability increased by 50%
Reinforced Fuel Tank

Fuel tank durability increased by 50%
Advanced Armor

Reduces received damage by 5%
Advanced Reloader

Instantly swap shell types without interrupting reload
Enhanced Target

Outlines targeted tanks and display the chance of penetration

NOTE: Comes automatically installed EXCEPT on Era 2 (Escalation) and Era 3 (Détente) vehicles in Cold War

Traction System

Max speed increased by 10%; chassis and hull rotation speed increased by 10%
Advanced Power Train

Max speed and horsepower increased by 5%

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