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Camouflage and Skins

Customizing the look of your vehicle with Emblems, Inscriptions, and Flags has long been a part of the World of Tanks Modern Armor experience.

But if you want to dramatically refresh your tank’s appearance, customize it with Camouflage or a Skin!

Both Camo and Skins allow you to completely change the look of a tank. Both also provide a  concealment bonus while applied.

Camo and Skins can be acquired using Gold, earned through Challenges, and received from Season Passes. Camo also can be acquired with Silver.


Camouflage/Camo is a paint job that you apply to the body of your tank. You can apply it either to part of a tank or to the entire exterior.

Camo that your purchase with Silver lasts only a few days after you apply it. Camo that you purchase with Gold, however, becomes permanently applied to your tank.

Camo patterns become active only on maps associated with the same environment:

  • Summer Camouflage is automatically displayed on summer maps
  • Winter Camouflage is automatically displayed on winter maps
  • Desert Camouflage is automatically displayed on desert maps
  • Urban Camouflage is automatically displayed on urban maps

Below are Camo patterns added to the game with World of Tanks: Modern Armor.



Four-tone camouflage that was used in West Germany during the 1970s.

Mlok (Salamander)

Four-tone camouflage that was used by Czech forces during the 1960s and 1970s.


Four-tone camouflage used by US forces post-World War II.


Four-tone camouflage that has a jigsaw puzzle-like appearance.

M84 Pattern

Three-tone green-dominated camouflage.

French Lizard

Three-tone camouflage consisting of a variety of green and brown colors.

M90 Splinter

Five-tone camouflage used by Sweden during the 1980s.



A raindrop pattern used by East Germany between 1965 and 1990.

Gray Digital

A gray-dominant five-color pattern used by the JASDF.


Three-tone variant of the Flecktarn camouflage.


A raindrop pattern used by Poland between 1969 and 1990.

Soldier 2000

Four-tone camouflage used in South Africa during the 1990s.


Widely used by the Chinese army in Tibet, this camouflage is very similar to the Flecktarn pattern.


Chocolate Chip Desert

Three-tone desert camouflage that US forces started to use in the 1960s.

Greek Lizard

Three-tone camouflage.

Omani Desert

Four-tone brown-dominant camouflage.

Tiger Stripe

South Vietnamese tiger stripe camouflage used for jungle warfare.



Like Camo, Skins can be applied either to part of your tank or to the entire exterior. In addition to painting your tank a new color, they often also add visual elements like leaves or mesh netting for a completely different look.

Unlike Camo, Skins are active in every environment and provide a concealment bonus no matter what type of map you’re playing on.

There are two kinds of vehicle Skins available: Premium Skins and Hero Skins.

Premium Skins are available to certain Tech Tree tanks.


The following tanks have Premium Skins available:

World War II Vehicles

Cold War Vehicles


Hero Skins are rare Skins available to certain Premium tanks as well as to some Tech Tree tanks associated with licensed or special content.


The following tanks have Hero Skins available:

Additionally, some tanks have special event Skins available, such as the tanks with Black Friday 2021 Skins:

How to Apply a Skin or Camo

You can acquire, apply, and keep track of new Skins and Camo using a tank’s Customization menu:

  • Select a tank from the “Tanks” tab.
  • Press the corresponding button to enter the “Customize” menu.
  • Head to the “Appearance” tab.
  • Select “Camouflage.”

If you choose “Any Season,” you’ll see the Skins available for that tank along with Camo patterns. Skins will be denoted with a gold-colored spray gun icon and will be the first choices listed among the options.

After you acquire a Skin or Camo, you’ll see the option to apply it to all slots or simply the current selected slot. Mix and match your look!

How will you look when you achieve victory? The choice is yours!

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