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Commander Mode – New Features Incoming!

March 9, 2020

Play with Improved AI and Fight in the New Kaunas Summer Map


12 MAR
10:01UTC Time
17 MAR
9:59UTC Time


What’s new in Commander Mode? New features and challenges that’s what!

In this edition, we’re introducing the new Area Defense feature and a brand-new Summer Map for you to battle on. On top of that, you can keep up with your Tank Grab Ops progress, while playing Commander Mode.

New Map – Kaunas

Kaunas is the second-largest city in the country of Lithuania after Vilnius (the capital city). Now, this region makes its way into Commander Mode as a new map for you to play in.

Tank Grab Ops

Work towards a FREE, or massively discounted Bizon T-103 or Senshi STA-2! Simply win to earn points that can be used to progress through the Tank Grab stages (certain stages will give you a tank discount with their rewards).

Note: Points earned in Commander Mode are stackable with the ones earned in Multiplayer.

Area Defense and How it Works

Area Defense is a new feature that allows your AI tanks to make decisions by themselves, within a defined area. When within this area, they can move freely to attack, take cover, flank the enemy, fall back, and execute more commands, depending on the situation and map you’re fighting in.

With it, your tanks can execute the following commands:

  • If the enemy is within the Defense Area
    • Tanks with a Non-Fixed Turret can:
      • Attack from Cover
      • Circle Strafe (move around an opponent in circles)
      • Execute Stationary Attacks
    • Tanks with a fixed Turret can:
      • Flank to Hide
      • Execute Stationary Attacks
      • Advance to Hit
    • If the enemy is outside the Defense Area, they can:
      • Attack from Cover (for tanks with a non-fixed Turret only)
      • Advance to Hit
      • Flank to Hide
      • Flank to Hit
      • Execute Stationary Attacks


AI tanks will automatically use cover if it exists. This includes soft cover (i.e., houses) until it is completely destroyed.

Flank to Hide

AI tanks will attempt to Flank to a position within the Defense area to hide from the enemy.

Flank to Hit

When attacking their targets, AI tanks will attempt to flank them at an angle. Used often to engage a new target with no Line of Sight.

Advance to Hit

AI tanks will move forward in a straight line, to gain Line of Sight and attack an enemy.

Circle Strafe

AI tanks will Circle Strafe around an enemy within their Defense area.

Stationary Attack/Engagement

The AI tank will remain stationary and attack the enemy.

Area Defense can be toggled on/off when needed.