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Commander Mode – End of the Season!

February 7, 2020

Fight in the Last Event of this Season to Earn Countless Rewards and Progress in the Winter Games!


11 FEB
11:01UTC Time
17 FEB
10:59UTC Time


This is it! The 6th event of Commander Mode!

You proved that you got what it takes to be #1 on the battlefield, thanks to your hard work and dedication. Now, the 6th round of our limited-time mode brings back updated and improved content for the showdown! Give it all you got and go out with a bang!

On top of that, you might have earned a discount on the Panzerknacker Auto! 25% off if you got at least 125 Event Points, 50% off if you got 250 Event Points or more, or even 75% off at 375 Event Points.

Don’t forget to complete the Ops to earn Gold, Silver, Premium Time, consumables, and more!

New additions and adjustments:

  • New Map – Dukla Pass (Encounter)
  • 7 new Tank Rentals
    • German Tier VIII Iron Rain Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger Tank Destroyer (rent for Gold)
    • Polish Tier VIII 50TP prototyp Heavy Tank (rent for Gold)
    • French Tier VIII HMH M51 Super Sherman Medium Tank (rent for Gold)
    • Mercenary Tier VIII Turtle Tank Light (rent for Gold)
    • German Tier VIII 8,8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger Tank Destroyer (rent for Silver)
    • Soviet Tier VIII Gorynych KV-5 Heavy Tank (rent for Silver)
    • Soviet Tier VIII Guardian STG Medium Tank (rent for Silver)
  • Hidden Village becomes a Commander vs Commander only map
  • Rentals can no longer be duplicated multiple times in a Roster. Each rental can be used only once.

Not sure how Commander Mode works? Click here and find out more.