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Commander Mode – December Edition!

December 6, 2019

Earn a ton of rewards, progress in the Autumn Games Charlie, and show why you are the master of strategy!


10 DEC
18:00UTC Time
17 DEC
8:59UTC Time

Go all guns blazing in the fourth round of Commander Mode! The latest edition of our Real Time Strategy mode is back with new and improved content! Complete the Ops to earn Gold, Silver, Premium Time, consumables, and more.

Keep progressing in the Op structure to earn the Tank Destroyer Panzerknacker Auto at the end of season 5.

Speed and firepower are perfectly crafted in this fine piece of German engineering. This console exclusive tank requires hard work to be earned, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

The Panzerknacker Auto is known for its: 

  • Excellent 3 round Autoloader
  • Good Penetration and Accuracy
  • Great Mobility

New additions and adjustments:

  • New Map – Pacific Island (Assault)
  • 7 new Tank Rentals
    • Soviet Tier VIII HMH ISU-130 Tank Destroyer (rent for Gold)
    • French Tier VIII Vanguard ELC EVEN 90 Light Tank (rent for Gold)
    • American Tier VIII T34 Heavy Tank (rent for Gold)
    • Chinese Tier VIII King Dragon Type 59 Medium Tank(rent for Gold)
    • German Tier VIII Fortress Ferdinand TankDestroyer (rent for Silver)
    • Soviet Tier VIII IS-6 Heavy Tank (rent for Silver)
    • Soviet Tier VIII STG Medium Tank (rent for Silver)
  • Ruinberg War returns as a Commander VS Commander only map
  • Thanks to our community’s feedback, we fixed an issue where AI Tanks were shooting at targets they couldn’t see
  • Platoon Support returns to Commander Mode
  • “General I” and “General II” Progression Ops Active

Not sure how Commander Mode works? Click here and find out more.