World of Tanks: Modern Armor – Cold War Co-Op Mode!

April 21, 2021

It’s you against the machines. Learn all about Co-Op matchmaking and gameplay in this developer interview!

Multiplayer battles are at the heart of World of Tanks Console. Now, it’s time for you and your fellow tankers to join forces against a common enemy.

When World of Tanks: Modern Armor launches on April 27th, you’ll have the choice of experiencing the all-new Cold War game mode in two ways:

  • The 15v15 PvP gameplay that you know and love
  • New 15v15 human versus AI Co-Op gameplay

Cold War Co-Op Mode places you on a team with fourteen other human players. You’ll be pitted against a team of fifteen savage AI players that have been programmed to achieve one goal: victory at all costs.

Can you persist against a highly evolved tactical intelligence? What does Co-Op mode hold for you and your allies? Here with all the details is Lead Game Designer Jeff Gregg!

What can you tell everyone about the design aspect of Co-Op and the Co-Op matchmaker?

At its core, Co-Op is identical to PvP random battles except you will never fight another human being. You’ll have human beings on your side, but you’ll never face another human foe. And the earning has been adjusted accordingly. Essentially, in PvP random battles, the earns are greater.

Those are the big things we wanted to be sure of. It’s identical to PvP, except that you’ll never fight another human. All of your events, all of your ops, your boosts, your daily wins, everything—it’s the same except that it’ll be fifteen players versus fifteen bots.

Will there be Co-Op for World War II?

There might be! We’re launching with Co-Op for Cold War first just to help people get used to that ecosystem and grind up those vehicle lines, since those lines are going to be brand new. We’ll expand it as quickly as we can if that’s where the desire is.

How will Co-Op matchmaking work?

Matchmaking will be the same as PvP, where you’ll only be matched with the era of tanks you’re in. But it’ll essentially grab the first fifteen valid tanks in that era that are human players and throw you into a match.

And you can Platoon in Co-Op just as you can in PvP, no problem! As a matter of fact, you can even take your Platoon back and forth if you want. If you’re the Platoon leader, you can be like, “Oh, let’s go do some PvP!” You can then switch and it shouldn’t disband your Platoon.

How will the AI team composition be determined?

The way the bots work is that they’ll mirror the player team. That was the best way we could see to be fair. So, if you end up in a match with fifteen M1A2 Abrams, the enemy team is going to be fifteen M1A2 Abrams. If you end up in a match with five M1s, five M1A1s, and five M1A2s on the human side, the bots will mirror that as well.

What about playstyles? Are the bots going to mimic what the players do?

You’ll be playing the same modes as you would in PvP random battles, so you’ll play Standard Battle, Encounter, or Team Destruction, and the bots will do whatever they can to win. If you let them capture your base, they will. If you want to Zerg their base, I invite you to try! They do not like you going right by their base, and they will try to dig you out.

They don’t mirror your actions. They just use the tanks you use to try to beat you.

How did you adjust the AI’s playstyle to get the bots’ level of play right?

In general, the further you progress down the Tech Tree, the harder the battles are going to become. We do that by essentially mirroring the same buffs that you as a human can use—Equipment, Consumables, Skills, stuff they can use to help their accuracy or defense or vision. They’re never going to cheat, like, take half damage or anything like that. They escalate their difficulty the same way your human foes do in PvP.

When we launch Modern Armor, you’re not going to see bots using Smokescreens or Hull Patch Kits. We specifically avoided Hull Patch Kits right now because whenever you see AI healing itself, it always feels like cheating, even if humans can do it. But we might explore ways for the bots to use the new Consumables. That’s not off the table.

Why do you think players should play Co-Op?

It’s all about how you want to play. There are players who really enjoy the fantasy and really enjoy the experience of playing in a tank but don’t want to be pwned by a human. So, Co-Op offers a different vibe; it’s “us versus the machine” instead of “us versus them.”

And there are going to be players who never want to play Co-Op, or who never want to play PvP, or who cross the streams and say, “I’m going to do my daily twos in Co-Op because I like to fight bots, and then I’m going to go Platoon and fight in random battles in PvP because risk is higher but the earns are higher.” Go for it!

Plus, after one minute in the Co-Op matchmaker, we throw you into a match, even if it’s just you and fourteen friendly bots against fifteen foes!

What do you see for the future of Co-Op?

We’ve talked about interesting ideas we want to do in the future.

Here’s an example: Imagine the matchmaker throwing you and four other Abrams against twenty-five Tier X World War II tanks, so it’s five versus twenty-five. That might be really exciting.

Another thing we could do is five humans versus twenty-five AI Tier Xs. Take ‘em on—can you get ‘em? And if that’s super cool, we could even consider rolling that into PvP as a mode if people like, but we can also play with that and know that we’re not screwing with PvP because, man, I don’t even know what that would do to the economy.

That’s a really cool advantage to Co-Op that we can play with ideas like that.

Honestly, I think expanding it into World War II makes sense. We’ve talked about how maybe it would be cool if you got thrown up against a Tank Commander as part of the real-time strategy game as well. It’s a system where we can cross the wires for a lot of variety that could inform random battle PvP or even event modes.

But our core idea for the launch of this Co-Op mode was that it was identical to PvP, except you never fight another human. Whenever we wanted to add, change, or remove another feature, we had to ask, “Wait, does it fit this?” and if the answer was no, then why were we doing it? We wanted to make the first experience really cool.

When it comes to Co-Op game mode, are players going to incur expenses similar to Custom Games?

Yes. Earns and expenses will be on the same systems. We’re tuning it so that you earn more in PvP random battles, which reflects the greater risk that you face in going up against other players.

With the economy in Co-Op, as players play more battles, that’s something that we’re open to feedback on, and we’re open to changing it if we feel it’s necessary.

Are you going to use heat maps and track the performance of the game mode itself?

Yeah, we’ll be able to track if a match took place in Co-Op or a PvP random battle. We can also track players and bots, or just bots. So, we can evaluate not only how are the foes doing against the players; we can also look at areas where, if the human team is being supplemented with bots, if the friendly bots are behaving differently from the enemy bots.

It might be interesting after a month to show heat maps that are PvP versus PvE to see, like, “Well, the bots are doing the same thing, but the humans react way differently!” That could be interesting to look at.

Anything else you want to tell players about Co-Op?

As always, thank you for playing! Give us feedback; try both PvP and Co-Op modes. It’s going to be interesting when you play Co-Op because it’s not just that there’s this new Co-Op mode. It’s going to be new on top of new on top of new. You’ll be starting with a whole new set of tanks to acquire that you’ll be fighting on a whole new set of maps with brand-new Consumables for the Cold War era. Feedback across the board is great, but if there’s anything specific to Co-Op, I’d really love to know about it.

Oh, and one more detail that I didn’t mention before: min install on the game is going to be Co-Op, so you can play Co-Op until the full game is installed. We figured that was the best way to get you into the action right away, so you can do Co-Op before it unlocks everything else.

Co-Op mode will be coming to the game when World of Tanks: Modern Armor launches on April 27th!

Are you and your closest allies ready to unite against a singular threat? Got more questions about Co-Op mode? Let us know in the forums!


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