THE LATEST SEASON: Year of the Dragon

Perfection through dedication

Your loyalty and training have prepared you for Year of the Dragon, the latest season of World of Tanks Modern Armor! Take on 100 levels and earn rewards in a season inspired by the Chinese Zodiac for 2024. Follow either the Free Rewards path or conquer all glory with a Season Pass or Ultimate Season Pass.

Here are some of the highlights this season offers.

New Tank: WZ-1224

Make short work of the enemy with this professional damage-dealer’s devastating 120mm gun. Available in the Season Pass upon completion of Level 100.

3D Commander: Zhū Téng Lóng

Duty is what drives the Zhū Téng Lóng 3D Hero Commander. Put his three open Skill slots and +30% Commander XP bonus to good use aboard your tanks. Available upon purchase of the Ultimate Season Pass.

New Tank: Highlander 116-F3

As mighty as the dragon, the Highlander 116-F3 brings power to your fingertips with its 130mm three-round autoloader and solid frontal protection. Available upon purchase of the Ultimate Season Pass.