Your resilience is the defining factor.

Courage and determination will see you through Battlefronts, the latest season of World of Tanks Modern Armor! Face 100 levels and earn rewards with your allies in a season where the strongest are the ones who fight together. Follow either the Free Rewards path or go for a campaign rich in rewards with a Season Pass or Ultimate Season Pass.

Here are some of the highlights this season offers.

New Tank: 114 SP2

Hard-hitting and primed for destruction. Make your enemies rethink their tanking careers with this turreted Chinese tank destroyer. Available in the Season Pass upon completion of Level 100.

3D Commander: Major “Butch” Alan

Got the guns? So does he. The Major “Butch” Alan 3D Hero Commander starts with three open Skill slots and earns Commander XP at a +30% bonus rate. Available upon purchase of the Ultimate Season Pass.

New Tank: MBT-80

Set a new damage-dealing record in your hull-down game with this versatile heavyweight champ. Available upon purchase of the Ultimate Season Pass.