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Hi Tankers, I am a veteran World of Tanks Console player from Lithuania. You can catch me playing LIVE on TWITCH or my best battles replays on my YouTube channel.

Location: Lithuania

Favorite Tank: E25

Favorite Map: Mines

Stream Schedule: N/A

Mr Trias

Hey ! It’s me, Trias ! French Player since the beginning on WoT Console PS4, and Competitive Player for 4 years, I offer videos, lives, and community events. Since then, I love tanks!

Location: France

Favorite Tank: AMX 13 SS-11 TCA

Favorite Map: Dezful & Redshire


My name is Sebastian, I am a gamer by passion. I always play with passion and the will to get the best out of it, despite all that, the fun is in the foreground, and there is nothing like playing with the community. I am the operator of the World of Tanks Console statistics page “

Location: Germany

Favorite Tank: Leopard 1 & Leopard 2A5

Favorite Map: Westfield

Stream Schedule: Tuesday 15:00 CET - 17:30 CET "Server Surprise"


Im JustaCone, and I’ve been playing this game since its launch. I have all tanks researched in WW2 but the grind never stops, theres still so much to do. We run this thing we call the Cone Family Mafia over on Twitch, where I stream (and rant) often, and discuss game topics and community projects over on Youtube. I hope to see you there!

Location: USA

Favorite Tank: Centurion 5/1

Favorite Map: Arctic Region

Stream Schedule: Tuesday-Sunday 7:00PM-11:00PM EST

Vishaw a.k.a. Gambit

Hey Tankers, I am Vishaw a.k.a Gambit. My YouTube content focuses on high damage gameplays in variety of higher tier tanks along with clan battles. You can also catch me live on Twitch for mostly fun and relaxing gameplay.

Location: Canada

Favorite Tank: Unfair to pick one

Favorite Map: Westfield

Stream Schedule: NA evenings


I’m Dant, a competitive Brazilian player. On my channel I share my knowledge for everyone who wants to become an excellent World of Tanks player. Through my channel you will find several strategies and use of advanced mechanics. I am known for my experience and transparency with my audience and for my sarcastic humor! I love playing with agile and tough tanks and I’m hungry for fierce battles. Feel free to check out my content and be part of our family. Anyone here who wants to improve their skills is welcome! See you on the battlefield!

Location: Brazil

Favorite Tank: IS7 & M60

Favorite Map: Prokhorovka & Mines

Doctor Cuervo

Hi, welcome to my Spanish YouTube channel, Doctor Cuervo. Here you can find guides, gameplays, reviews and more videos that will help your progress as a player of World of Tanks Console.

Location: Mexico

Favorite Tank: Tiger 131

Favorite Map: Ghost Town

Stream Schedule: Friday 11:00-12:00 pm CST (Mexico City Time Zone)


Hi, I’m Paweł – educated historian & passionate World of Tanks Console player. I publish gameplays, tank guides and at the end also Q&A news sessions each Tuesday. All content is in Polish for now but it might change in the future. I value onceself distance, sense of humour but most of all streaming and networking with my viewers. Hope I’d be helpful to all of you. May RNG be gracious to you all!

Location: Poland

Favorite Tank: Type 5 Heavy

Favorite Map: Cao Bang

The Randy Duck

Hello, it’s Duck! I’ve been playing this game since the beginning, and have a lot of experience from my years of tanking. I like to create YouTube content to show my battles, and explain my thought process through out the replays, in the hope that I may be able to pass on what I have learnt over the years. It’s an honour to become a CC, and have the opportunity to share my videos with this fantastic community!

Location: UK

Favorite Tank: Changes Every Day!

Favorite Map: Westfields & Prokhorovka

Eclipse WoT

Hi I’m Ash, I create daily World of Tanks Console videos such as update news, gameplay, and guides that I hope can help you with whatever aspect you would like to learn more about! If you have any questions feel free to ask them on any of my social media! I’m more than welcome to talk about the game and discuss some of your thoughts so you can always message me them too!

Location: UK

Favorite Tank: T57 Heavy

Favorite Map: Westfield


Originally From Kaunas, Lithuania, currently located in the United States. I speak 3 languages: English, Lithuanian and Russian. Love networking and meeting new friends in different games, who quite a few became my friends in real life. I enjoy relaxing after a hard-working day with my WOTC community. My channel is easy-going, filled with laugh and entertainment, drama-free zone.

Location: USA

Favorite Tank: Conqueror

Favorite Map: Kaunas


Hi folks, my name is Josh although online most call me Riki. I’m a Civil Engineering undergraduate and I keep busy with work, family, and tanking. For many years I was a viewer of YouTubers who played on PC but I never thought about playing on console until a friend suggested I do so. The moment I started playing it became my go-to game. My channel started off as a place to upload cool clips I didn’t want to lose and with the help of former CC RetroJules, it grew into what it is today. We’re a passionate bunch and my aim is to provide a balanced and honest view of the game via video uploads and streams. I am here to have fun, chill out, and platoon up with friends. If that sounds like it’s to your liking then by all means check out my channel. I hope you are keeping safe, and I will see you out there!

Location: UK

Favorite Tank: Panther & M60

Favorite Map: Overlord & Airfield

Stream Schedule: Fri & Sun 2000 GMT


I’m a Latina gamer who loves to play a variety of games, my favorite being World of Tanks: Console! Viewers always ask me why I became a streamer, and the answer is simple, I like to entertain and meet people from all over the world that, like me enjoy a good game like WoTC. My channel is bilingual English/Spanish, and I have started a Clan that welcomes everyone that will bring a positive attitude, and a fun environment to the game. We are called KAMIKAZEEEE!

Location: USA

Favorite Tank: Hydra

Favorite Map: Pilsen

Stream Schedule: Mon - Fri: 1400 - 1900 (CST)


My name is Brian and I started my streaming addiction as a GameMaster with Microsoft. While I enjoy the full spectrum of games on the market, I cut my teeth alongside the RTS genre and my true passion lies with strategy-based games.  Most nights you will find me in a platoon on World of Tanks, often streaming for the masses on Twitch and hanging out with a top-notch group of friends who share my passion for playing video games.  If you are looking to find a fun, relaxed place to hang out, this is where you want to be!

Location: USA

Favorite Tank: T-10

Favorite Map: Prokorovka

Stream Schedule: Mon - Wed & Fri 2100 EST


I put up replays of good games I’ve had to share with people that are interested. I also put up informational videos that will help people in their quest to enhance their gameplay on the journey through the land we call World of Tanks Console.

Location: UK

Favorite Tank: Tusk

Favorite Map: Sand River

Stream Schedule: Mon, Wed, Friday 10am (GMT) - Sun On Occasion

Army Guy E8

I am a retired Army Master Sergeant (E8). I served just over 20 years (6 Infantry, 14 Military Police). My time in the Army had taken me to amazing places around the world. I served 5 years overseas with two combat tours in Iraq (Desert Shield / Storm and OIF 2006). In my free time, I love to play WoTC or compete in 3 Gun Competitive Shooting Matches. The only game I play is WoTC and I have been playing this great game for four years. I play for fun and the enjoyment of creating gaming content.

Location: USA

Favorite Tank: T110E4

Favorite Map: Cliff and Halloween Himmelsdorf

Stream Schedule: Varies on Mon – Fri 1700 – 1900, Sat – Sun 1200 - UTC CST

Sinstr 1

I am a former US Marine that enjoys this game (among a few others). I have cats who appear on stream, and I was a former sous-chef. My goal is to bring people together via games and food.

Location: USA

Favorite Tank: T-100 LT

Favorite Map: Prokhorovka

Stream Schedule: Mon - Fri: 1600 - 2000 CST / Sat: Early

Chief Drey

I’m a Cannon Crewmember for the US Army, been doing it for 12 years and counting. I bring a lot of boom to my gameplay and stream.

Location: USA

Favorite Tank: M-48 Patton

Favorite Map: Kasserine

Stream Schedule: Sat - Sun 0800 CST


I have been playing World of Tanks Console for over 5 years now. I love the game and I love the community!

Location: USA

Favorite Tank: IS-4

Favorite Map: Abbey and Mines

Stream Schedule: Mon - Fri


Entertaining the Community and having FUN!

Location: UK

Favorite Tank: Panzer V/IV

Favorite Map: Prokhorovka

Stream Schedule: 1630 - 2200 UTC


Streaming tank awesomeness via Mixer!

Location: Canada

Favorite Tank: IS-7

Favorite Map: Fisherman's Bay

Stream Schedule: Monday-Sunday 11am-4pm Eastern time

Cpl Derren (WoTC Academy)

Hello! Thank you for visiting World of Tanks Console Academy! This channel is dedicated to becoming THE central resource on all aspects of the game World of Tanks Modern Armor!

Location: USA

Favorite Tank: Centurion Action X

Favorite Map: Thiepval Ridge '44


I pull no punches, get the job done streamer who’s never far away from a laugh. Come hang out for some flanking fun and falling off cliffs!

Location: USA

Favorite Tank: Centurion Action X

Favorite Map: Pacific Island

Stream Schedule: Mon - Fri: 0500 EST (1000 GMT)


Pillz is a fun focused easy going streamer who never takes things too seriously and is always making things fun for everyone.

Location: Australia

Favorite Tank: Nomad

Favorite Map: Westfield

Stream Schedule: Monday - Friday starting 9pm AEST (10 am GMT)

Hincul PL

Old-school player 🙂

Location: Poland

Favorite Tank: Chrysler K

Favorite Map: Prokhorovka

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