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WoT’s Happening This Week! May 23rd – May 29th
MAY 23, 2023

Start your new Contract toward the VK 75.01 (K) as you enjoy conversion bonuses, get discounts on big Consumable bundles, and prepare for a special remembrance weekend.

Click below or read on to see WoT’s Happening:


With five new tanks, new Commanders, themed cosmetics, and a limited-time community event, the time has come for you to fight in the name of the Emperor and cement your legacy for millennia to come.

You can find all of the information on this event in the three articles below:

Go forth, citizen. Your life is the will of the Emperor made manifest.

New Contract: VK 75.01 (K)

The German Tier VIII VK 75.01 (K) Heavy Tank has all the perks for the most skilled Commanders to dominate the frontlines and the side-scraping game. Prepare yourself and get the new Contract details in its dedicated article.


We’ve calibrated a few Premium and Tech Tree tanks for you to take your tanking to the next level. Get the complete adjustment details in this article.

Italian Tank Destroyers Update


We initially planned to release our new Tech Tree line of Italian tank destroyers on May 23rd. However, during development and internal testing, we ran into some unexpected technical difficulties with their design, so we want to share the cause and our future plans with you.

The Italian tank destroyer turrets rotate on a diagonal axis to the hull instead of a horizontal axis. This requires additional aiming mechanics that allow the barrel to account for the diagonal movement and keep the barrel and aim point aligned. Because of this challenge, we are currently working on resolving the following issues:

  • While aiming in sniper view, rotating the turret to either the left or right side causes the camera to swing (which makes you feel like you are on a boat).
  • In both camera views (3rd person & sniper view), we encountered problems where the aim point and the barrel separated from each other when rotating the turret.

These issues make it difficult to engage enemy tanks and would cause players to have an uncomfortable and unfamiliar player experience.

Our main priority toward you (aside from delivering the best gaming experience we can) is to make sure that our tank models come as close as possible to their real-life counterparts. As a result, we design our tanks with this in mind, which sometimes creates unexpected problems. Rest assured that we're working hard on resolving these issues so that you get to enjoy your upcoming tank destroyers to their fullest potential.

The new release date for this line is June 27th.


Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is celebrated on May 29th, when the USA honors the military personnel who have fallen in service. Keep an eye out on our NEWS section to see what we’ve arranged for you this weekend only.

Battle of Dunkirk

One of the most significant moments in World War II, the Battle of Dunkirk is the main theme for our upcoming Challenge and specials starting on Friday, May 26th.

Take a look, Commander.


May Tank of the Month DLC: IS-2

When in doubt, send in the IS-2 and let its gun do the talking. This Soviet tank-buster can be yours along with additional content with the May Tank of the Month Bundle:

This bundle can be yours for $9.99 USD. Get it for your system of choice at the links below:

Conversion Bonuses and Sales

You know, the letter “M” is in the words “more” and “must-have” for a reason…sort of. Anyway, here are two full weeks of conversion bonuses and discounted Consumables and Equipment bundles to make up for that lousy play on words.

Free XP conversion bonus

1 Gold > 28 Free XP
Gold to Silver conversion bonus

1 Gold > 600 Silver
  • Advanced Gun Laying Drive
  • Advanced Rammer
  • Advanced Optics
  • 1,000,000 Silver

6,250 Gold

4,050 Gold

35% Savings

  • Enhanced Repair Kit (100)

2,500 Gold

1,875 Gold

25% Savings

  • Enhanced Med Kit (100)

2,500 Gold

1,875 Gold

25% Savings

  • Enhanced Fire Suppressors (100)

2,500 Gold

1,875 Gold

25% Savings

  • Enhanced Rations (100)

2,500 Gold

1,875 Gold

25% Savings

  • Enhanced Repair Kit (50)

1,250 Gold

1,060 Gold

15% Savings

  • Enhanced Med Kit (50)

1,250 Gold

1,060 Gold

15% Savings

  • Enhanced Fire Suppressors (50)

1,250 Gold

1,060 Gold

15% Savings

  • Enhanced Rations (50)

1,250 Gold

1,060 Gold

15% Savings


You have one more week to make the most of these Cold War deals and get a unique version of the “Desert Fox” Daniels Commander with a +1 Skill slot unlocked.


Remember, Commander: All Premium vehicle bundles purchased from the Store come with their own Vehicle slot and a mix of standard and Premium ammo. If you want to send any of the bundles below as a gift, make sure that you and the receiver are friends on both your device and in the game.

Weekly Deal

When you think you have the best tank on the battlefield, remember that your opponents can always beat you if their Commanders and vehicles are better prepared. Don’t let that happen, and make sure that your tanks and Commanders are up to the task in record time with the help of this week’s discounted boosters.

  • x4 Commander XP Booster (10)
  • x3 Vehicle XP Booster (10)

2,030 Gold

850 Gold

58% Savings

Super Savings

Earn battle XP to unlock the deals below at a 50% discount. Each Super Savings vehicle offer is available to players who don’t yet own the tank. Each offer is available for 72 hours from the moment you unlock it in game. Don’t miss out!

  • German Tier III Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f) Medium Tank
    • Ready? CHARGE!!!! Fire away and have fun with this low-tier yet incredibly fast-firing tank. And in addition to its excellent gun depression values, it also matchmakes up to Tier IV only.
    • Earn 8,000 XP in battle to unlock the 50% Super Savings discount.

  • German Tier V Kraft’s Pz. IV Medium Tank
    • When in command of the Kraft’s Pz. IV, you’re better protected against HE rounds thanks to its spaced armor. You’re also in command of a mobile medium with a reliable and quick gun. Make it yours by completing this week’s Super Savings objective.
    • Earn 20,000 XP in battle to unlock the 50% Super Savings discount.

  • Chinese Tier VIII Type 59-II Medium Tank
    • This Chinese medium uses its excellent gun, turret armor, and mobility to crush that statement to dust with an overall solid performance. See it for yourself.
    • Earn 40,000 XP in battle to unlock the 50% Super Savings discount.

And don’t forget about our Key Cards! Each Card provides you with a mix of Gold and additional in-game content (including possible Premium tanks!) that’ll give your battles a boost. See what the current drops are in this article.


Available Contracts

Check out the article details to find out how you can earn one of these tanks:

  • Bulwark – Contract open through June 5th (buyouts available through June 12th)
  • The Machine – Contract open through July 3rd (buyouts available through July 10th)
  • Hardcase – Contract open through August 28th (buyouts available through September 4th)


The Resolutions event gives you access to exclusive Monthly Goals, on top of the rewards you’ll earn for each season you complete throughout the rest of 2023! Complete five seasons, and the unique Calliope T34 is yours for FREE!

Monthly Goals are open through the 28th of each month. Check out the targets remaining for May by logging in to the Resolutions site today.

Community Map Testing

We’re almost done! Your contribution toward the upcoming Community Map has been essential. Just a few more details and we’re golden.

Keep heading to the CUSTOM GAMES section and select the Community Map. You can send us your feedback back on Discord or any of our other social media channels.

Warlord Key Cards

You still have one more week to build your own army of legends.

Each Warlord Key Card guarantees you a Warlord 2D Standard Commander, along with the possibility of getting them with Gold or a Premium tank.

Check all the possible drops available in this article.

New Camo Sets

A warrior with nothing to hide is a warrior without fear. These new Camo sets are the ultimate “Come on man. I’m here!” cosmetics that you can apply to your tanks:

Bright Pink and Purple Camo NATO 01 Camo Bright Purple and Blue Camo

Bright Pink and Purple Camo

NATO 01 Camo

Bright Purple and Blue Camo

These sets are available for all environments and nations, and for a limited time, you can also enjoy a 25% discount on bundles containing one version for each Camo environment.

  • 1 Bright Pink and Purple – Summer
  • 1 Bright Pink and Purple – Winter
  • 1 Bright Pink and Purple – Desert
  • 1 Bright Pink and Purple – Urban

1,000 Gold

750 Gold

25% Savings

  • 1 NATO 01 – Summer
  • 1 NATO 01 – Winter
  • 1 NATO 01 – Desert
  • 1 NATO 01 – Urban

1,000 Gold

750 Gold

25% Savings

  • 1 Bright Purple and Blue – Summer
  • 1 Bright Purple and Blue – Winter
  • 1 Bright Purple and Blue – Desert
  • 1 Bright Purple and Blue – Urban

1,000 Gold

750 Gold

25% Savings

Challenge: Earn Your Flag

Hurry! It’s your last week to earn the American Tier VIII Patriot T26E5 Heavy Tank along with Silver, Consumables, and Boosters.

Get all your Earn Your Flag Challenge details here.

Booster Bundles

It’s a fact: earning extra Vehicle XP, Commander XP, and Silver is always a good idea. So, make sure to make the most of the last week of these discounted bundles to head into battle with all you need to make some serious progress.

  • x5 Vehicle XP Booster (25)

5,000 Gold

3,750 Gold

25% Savings!

  • x5 Vehicle XP Booster (50)

10,000 Gold

6,500 Gold

35% Savings!

  • x5 Vehicle XP Booster (100)

20,000 Gold

10,000 Gold

50% Savings!

  • x8 Commander XP Booster (25)

6,000 Gold

4,500 Gold

25% Savings!

  • x8 Commander XP Booster (50)

12,000 Gold

7,800 Gold

35% Savings!

  • x8 Commander XP Booster (100)

24,000 Gold

12,000 Gold

50% Savings!

  • x2 Silver Booster (25)

4,675 Gold

3,500 Gold

25% Savings!

  • x2 Silver Booster (50)

9,350 Gold

6,070 Gold

35% Savings!

  • x2 Silver Booster (100)

18,700 Gold

9,350 Gold

50% Savings!

Trade-In Event

Did you find the tank you were looking for? Our Trade-In Event will be live for a little while longer, so don’t miss your chance to exchange an owned Premium to help you get the vehicle you want from the Trade-Up list.

Get all the details in this article.

The Long Haul

The Long Haul returns to reward you for your perseverance! Details below.

The Long Haul

Place in the top seven XP earners on your team in 75 battles

One of the following, awarded at random:

  • Confidential Key Card
  • Classified Key Card
  • Top Secret Key Card

Available to World War II and Cold War mode

Multiplayer only (excludes Co-Op)

Available two times per account


Get the latest info and see what’s ahead for World of Tanks Modern Armor in each of this week’s streams! You can view them in two places:

Tanking with T33kanne

Every Tuesday starting at 16:00 UTC, join Senior Community Manager T33kanne and Associate Social Media Manager KB for a two-hour community stream that’s packed with gameplay. Get your tanking fix in!

Weekly Assault with Tankz0rz and Bam1500

Join Tankz0rz and Lead Game Designer Bam1500 for an in-depth discussion and a first look at upcoming releases, this Friday starting at 2:00 PM Central (20:00 UTC)!

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