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Update Notes for November 21, 2023

Estimated Update Sizes:

  • Xbox One: ~1.70 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S: ~1.68 GB
  • PS4: ~1.45 GB
  • PS5: ~1.68 GB


Changes are coming from the garage … to the Battlefront!

This update brings one of the most highly requested tank types, dual-barrel tanks, with the first one being the Object 703 Version II Black Edition.

In addition, we have updated various tanks with secondary weapon support, added new ping and FPS display options, updated the UI for Challenges throughout the game, and more!

Important Season Information

Due to the upcoming holidays, this update spans a ten-week period instead of the normal eight-week period. To account for this, while all of the information in these update notes will be going live with the November 21st update, the next season is delayed for two weeks and will start on December 5th.

Until then, the Seasons Tab and Challenges will display "New season coming soon." Season Pass information will be available closer to the start of the season.

December 2023 Season Art Take 2

Features & Improvements

Dual Barrel Mechanics

We are proud to announce that the addition of dual-barrel mechanics has arrived!

Dual-barrel mechanics will only apply to specific dual-barrel tanks, with the first vehicle to receive this mechanic being the Object 703 Version II Black Edition. Tanks with dual-barrel support will have unique firing mechanics and HUD to communicate the status of each gun and the firing mode selected.


  • Each gun will reload independently, with only one gun loading at a time.


  • Dual-barrel tanks have two firing modes that you can swap between during battle. To change modes, press the "Alt Mode" button. Generally this is Left on the D-Pad for most control schemes and Down on the D-Pad for the Driver control scheme.
    • Single Fire
      • Upon shooting the current gun, it will automatically advance to the next gun. This is so players do not have to keep holding the "Swap Gun" button after every shot to change to the other gun.
      • You can still manually swap guns if you desire by holding the "Swap Gun" button.
      • There is a short delay before you can fire the second gun.
    • Double Shot
      • This will fire both barrels at the same time.
      • There is a short delay before you can fire again if you switch to Single Fire after shooting both guns.
Single Fire Mode Icon Double Shot Mode Icon


New HUD for dual-barrel vehicles

  • There will be two reload bars representing each gun so that you can see the current reloading/loaded status of each.
  • At the bottom of each reload bar is a little arrow indicator to show which gun is the current active gun. If in Double Shot mode, both will have a yellow arrow.
  • Both modes have an icon displayed to the left of the ammunition display to show which mode is currently selected.
  • Reload bar status:
    • Black: Gun is empty
    • White: Gun is loaded
    • Blue: Gun is currently reloading
    • Red: Delay before you can shoot again
Dual-Barrel Mechanics - Screenshot 1
Dual-Barrel Mechanics - Screenshot 2
Dual-Barrel Mechanics - Screenshot 3
Dual-Barrel Mechanics - Screenshot 4
web animation

Challenge UI

“Challenges” is now the main tab that contains Challenges, Season Challenges, and Contracts. The UI for these items has been updated within these tabs and everywhere else that this information is displayed. This includes the garage and loading screen displays.

Challenges UI - Updated Screenshot 1
Challenges UI - Updated Screenshot 2
web animation

New Game Options

Two new game options have been added:

  • Show FPS
  • Show Ping

The options are set to off (False) by default. When you enable these displays, you will see the values displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

FPS and Ping - Screenshot 1
FPS and Ping - Screenshot 2
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Returning Battlefront: Berlin!

  • World War II: Tiers III - X
  • Cold War: Eras 1, 2, 3
  • Size: 1000x1000
  • Modes: Standard, Team Destruction, Encounter, Assault
    • Also supports: Multi-Base Assault and Control Mode
  • Camouflage environment: Urban
Berlin - Screenshot 1
Berlin - Screenshot 2
web animation

New Garage Gear

A selection of new Garage Gear has been added to the Gear Store! Be sure to check it out to see all of the additions!

New Garage Gear - November 2023

Additional Items

  • We have updated the backend processes for logging into the game. These changes will mostly be noticeable on the Series S|X and PS5 consoles to take advantage of the changes to reduce the time to reach the garage.
  • Standardized the layout and font size of various purchasing menus throughout the game. All purchasing menus will now have a horizontal purchase option layout.
  • Additional mouse support was added for the Loadouts tab, Seasons tab, Gear Store, Garage reel, and Contracts.
  • Updated menu visuals for opening multiple War Chests.
  • Placed new artwork on the game mode screen.
  • Added support for a redeployment countdown display in the overview map.
  • Added the Silver cost to the garage slot purchase prompt and an option to convert Gold to Silver if the player does not have enough Silver.
  • Updated the following tanks to use the Secondary Weapon System mechanic (please note: ammunition will be reset to the default layout if you own these tanks):

Tanks With Secondary Weapon Systems Enabled

Main Battle Tank 70

  • Secondary: 20 MM Rheinmetall MK. 20 RH 202
    • Penetration: 90/55
    • Damage: 25/30
    • Aim Time: 1.7 sec
    • Accuracy: 0.29
    • Rate of Fire: 196.16 rounds/min
    • Reload time: 18.5 sec
    • Damage per minute: 4,904
    • Max Ammo Capacity: 750 rounds
    • Shell 1 Type/Speed: APDS/1,100
    • Shell 2 Type/Speed: HE/1,055

B1 – Fully Upgraded

  • Left: 47 MM SA34
    • Penetration: 36/69/24
    • Damage: 50/50/62
    • Aim Time: 2 sec
    • Accuracy: 0.53
    • Rate of Fire: 14.63 rounds/min
    • Reload time: 4.1 sec
    • Damage Per minute: 732
    • Max Ammo Capacity: 100 rounds
    • Shell 1 Type/Speed: AP/450
    • Shell 2 Type/Speed: APCR/563
    • Shell 3 Type/Speed: HE/450
    • Max Elevation: 15 deg
    • Max Depression: 15 deg
    • Yaw Limit: -0.50 0.50

Churchill I – Fully Upgraded

  • Left: OQF 3-Inch Howitzer MK. I
    • Penetration: 38/100
    • Damage: 175/110
    • Aim Time: 2.1 sec
    • Accuracy: 0.53
    • Rate of Fire: 13.95 rounds/min
    • Reload time: 4.3 sec
    • Damage per minute: 2,441
    • Max Ammo Capacity: 100 rounds
    • Shell 1 Type/Speed: HE/182
    • Shell 2 Type/Speed: HEAT/182
    • Max Elevation: 10 deg
    • Max Depression: 10 deg
    • Yaw Limit: -5 5

Type 5 Chi-Ri – Fully Upgraded

  • Right: 37 MM Gun Type 1
    • Penetration: 58/73/19
    • Damage: 50/50/65
    • Aim Time: 1.7 sec
    • Accuracy: 0.42
    • Rate of Fire: 26.09 rounds/min
    • Reload time: 2.3 sec
    • Damage per minute: 1,305
    • Max Ammo Capacity: 150 rounds
    • Shell 1 Type/Speed: AP/785
    • Shell 2 Type/Speed: APCR/785
    • Shell 3 Type/Speed: HE/785
    • Max Elevation: 20 deg
    • Max Depression: 9 deg

KV-4 – Fully Upgraded

  • Upper: 45 MM 20K
    • Penetration: 51/88/23
    • Damage: 47/47/62
    • Aim Time: 2.3 sec
    • Accuracy: 0.48
    • Rate of Fire: 20 rounds/min
    • Reload time: 3 sec
    • Damage per minute: 940
    • Max Ammo Capacity: 84 rounds
    • Shell 1 Type/Speed: AP/757
    • Shell 2 Type/Speed: APCR/946
    • Shell 3 Type/Speed: HE/757

Issues Addressed


  • Creator of a Custom Games room can now mute and unmute players correctly.
  • Flamethrower clip no longer stays on the HUD after switching weapons.
  • “Contract Complete” display no longer appears on various tanks in the Premium Tech Tree.
  • Garage Customization:
    • Tank Showcase vehicles with decals will now display correctly, such as the Pin-Up Skins or band tanks.
    • Placement boundary indicator now displays based on camera position instead of direction.
    • Tank Showcase filter now correctly works with Favorites.
    • “Customize Garage” button in the garage is now correctly aligned with the footer.
    • Adjusted the placement cursor’s visual appearance to be a bullseye.
  • Hold fill indicator now stays within the button boundary.
  • Multi-turret tanks now display the current turret selected after reconnecting to a match.
  • Garage view no longer switches to the platoon garage when leaving and re-entering a Custom Games lobby.
  • Platoon interface no longer disappears after opening and closing the filter.


  • Abbey: Removed bush that was inside of a rock at G6.
  • Airfield: Adjusted rock position at K9 to prevent tanks from getting stuck.
  • Arctic Region: Lowered the rock at J7 to prevent tanks from clipping into it.
  • Grim Graveyard: Tank prop is no longer floating at K2.
  • Halfaya Pass Small: Map border is now visible at A1 and is no longer covered by sand.
  • Hidden Village:
    • Pavillion at B7 is now destructible.
    • House at E7 now correctly displays its destructed state.
  • Himmelsdorf:
    • Added rubble and adjusted collisions for various buildings around H5.
    • Adjusted the collision of the ledge at D9 to block access from unintended areas.
  • Mountain Pass: Slightly adjusted the terrain at J2 to prevent tanks from getting stuck without triggering the flip timer.
  • Nebelberg: Buildings are no longer visually removed.
  • Nomonhan: Added an extra rock at B0 to prevent players from getting stuck.
  • Ruinberg:
    • Buildings are no longer visually removed.
    • Truck at K4 no longer interferes with the camera.


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