Tank War Chest - Cropped Tank War Chest - Cropped
Announcing: NEW Tank War Chests

Use Gold to get a chest packed with random drops, including Equipment, Premium Consumables, Boosters, Premium Time, and even possible Premium tanks!


Whenever you head into battle, you want to be sure that your supplies are fully stocked and you’re in command of outstanding tanks that are in the best possible shape they can be.

That’s why we’re bringing you a new way to prepare for your matches: Tank War Chests!

Tank War Chest - Cropped

Tank War Chests will be available in the in-game Store starting December 5th. Each chest will be available for 1,000 Gold.

Inside every Tank War Chest are random drops (from one to five items) with a total that’s worth at least the value of the chest, if not more. Take a look below at the drops you can possibly get and their drop rates:

Drop % Drop Rate
Premium Consumable
Vehicle XP Booster (x1.25, x2, x3, x4, x5)
Commander XP Booster (x2, x2.75, x4, x6, x8)
Free XP Booster (x2, x3, x6)
Silver Booster (x1.25, x1.5, x2)
Premium Time (1, 7, 14, or 30 Days)
Free XP
Premium Tank

And we named these chests “Tank War Chests” for a reason. Included among the drops are Premium vehicles from Tiers VIII – X for World War II mode and Eras 2 (Escalation) and 3 (Détente) for Cold War mode, as well Equipment and Premium Consumables to help you customize your favorite tanks’ performance to match your playstyle.

Check out the Premium tanks, Equipment, and Premium Consumables you can get in these Tank War Chests, available through January 1st:

  • Advanced Armor
  • Advanced Camouflage
  • Advanced Loader
  • Advanced Reloader
  • Advanced Repair System
  • Advanced Optics
  • Advanced Suspension
  • Gun Stabilizer
  • Improved Ventilation
  • Reinforced Ammo Rack
  • Reinforced Fuel Tank
  • Spall Liner

  • Enhanced Fire Suppressor
  • Enhanced Fuel Boost
  • Enhanced Hull Patch Kit
  • Enhanced Med Kit
  • Enhanced Rations
  • Enhanced Repair Kit
  • Enhanced Smokescreen

Here are some examples of what the contents of a Tank War Chest might look like:

  • Example #1: 400,000 Silver + x8 Commander XP Booster (10) + x2 Free XP Booster (10) (Information updated on December 6th)
  • Example #2: 7 Days of Premium Time
  • Example #3: Enhanced Fire Suppressor (10) + Enhanced Med Kit (10) + Enhanced Repair Kit (10) + Enhanced Rations (10) + Enhanced Fuel Boost (10) (Information updated on December 6th)
  • Example #4: Vanguard ELC EVEN 90 + Vehicle Slot + 1 Day of Premium Time

And that’s not all. Every 25 Tank War Chests, you’re GUARANTEED to receive at least one Premium tank drop. In other words, if you don’t receive a tank by the 24th Tank War Chest you open, your 25th chest will contain one of the possible Premium tanks. Of course, there are some fine details to note about that:

  • When you activate the Guaranteed tank mechanic, the tank you receive will not be one you have already received from the Guaranteed system, until you have received ALL of the possible tank drops from the Guaranteed system. (Updated on December 6th)
  • However, you CAN receive a vehicle from a Tank War Chest that you have previously acquired a different way (in a Store bundle, as a Challenge reward, etc.).
  • Once you get a tank as a drop, your 25-chest counter resets.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE! If you receive a Premium tank that you already own as a drop from a Tank War Chest, then you will be compensated with the tank’s value in Silver instead.

Are you ready to get tanking? Then head to the Store and grab a Tank War Chest for 1,000 Gold starting December 5th!

Note: The content of the chests includes seasonal content that is subject to change. We advise you to open your chests at the time of purchase to receive content from the current drop table.

Every Tank War Chest contains groups of items that are at least the same value as the cost of the chest itself. Tank War Chests are non-refundable.

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