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SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE - Complete Season Information
SEPT. 22, 2023

Dominate 100 levels to earn epic Premium tanks and more rewards! Find all the details you need here.


Lock and load, chum. Yeah, none of that “Commander” stuff this time, amigo.

You’re joining the SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE in the latest season of World of Tanks Modern Armor, so you better get ready for what’s coming.

Look, you probably already know a thing or two about the battlefield, and that’s great. But when there are 100 season levels to take on, and you need to complete Challenges to get points and climb said levels to get your rewards, you’d better go for broke.

Luckily, you got this piece here to help you prepare for what’s ahead.

Follow the links below or scroll down for more information.

Reward Highlights and Season Pass Info

The Soldiers of Fortune season runs through Monday, November 20th.

You have three ways to earn season rewards and content:

  • Free Rewards
  • Season Pass Rewards
  • Ultimate Season Pass Rewards

Find all the reward details broken down by level in the “Seasons” tab in the game. Once there, you can also see the available Challenges for this season. Finish these to earn the points you need to complete each of the season’s 100 levels.

And don’t worry, we also made you a graphic with a summary of everything you can get in the Soldiers of Fortune Season. You're welcome.

Soldiers of Fortune_SeasonRewardsInfo_ENG

And here, we packed the highlights for each reward path in the tabs below:

  • Rewards every few levels (includes Silver, Gold, Boosters, Premium Time, and more)
  • Battalion 23 2D Standard Commander at Level 75
  • Swedish Tier VIII Emil 1951 Heavy Tank upon completing Level 100
  • Soldiers of Fortune Season Medal upon completing Level 100

Automatically available for FREE to all players!

  • All rewards from the Free Rewards path
  • Additional rewards at EVERY LEVEL!
  • Jolly Roger Emblem Voucher at Level 3
  • Honey Badger Emblem Voucher at Level 7
  • Winged Eight Ball Emblem Voucher at Level 19
  • Czechoslovakian Tier VI Škoda T 40 Medium Tank at Level 25
  • Lightning Skull Emblem Voucher at Level 43
  • Death or Glory Emblem Voucher at Level 53
  • Cobra in Skull Emblem Voucher at Level 71
  • Chinese Tier VIII M41D Light Tank at Level 75
  • Soldiers of Fortune Season Emblem Voucher at Level 83
  • Mad Hog Emblem Voucher at Level 98
  • NEW! Bandit Escalation Era (Era 2) Independent Medium Tank at Level 100
  • Enough Gold to cover the next 2,000 Gold Season Pass

Available for 2,000 Gold in the Store

  • All rewards from the Free Rewards path
  • All rewards from the Season Pass path
  • 25 levels already completed
  • Phantom of Falun 3D Hero Commander - awarded at purchase
  • NEW! Mercenary Tier X Ruthless Tank Destroyer - awarded at purchase

Available for 6,000 Gold in the Store

All level-by-level rewards can be viewed in the game.

And if you want a better take at the Cosmetics you can earn with the Season Pass and Ultimate Season Pass (and see how the Soldiers of Fortune Season Medal that everyone gets after Level 100 looks), check this table out.

Soldiers of Fortune Cosmetics and Medal

Jolly Roger Emblem

Honey Badger Emblem

Winged Eight Ball Emblem

Lightning Skull Emblem

Death or Glory Emblem

Cobra in Skull Emblem

Soldiers of Fortune Season Emblem

Mad Hog Emblem

Soldiers of Fortune Season Medal


NOTE: If you get a regular Season Pass and later decide that you want to upgrade to the Ultimate Season Pass, we’ve got good news for you. Head to the in-game Store, where you’ll find the Upgrade to Ultimate option available for 4,000 Gold.

And whether you get the Free Rewards, Season Pass, or Ultimate Season Pass, completing all 100 levels of the Soldiers of Fortune season will grant you bonuses in battle throughout the rest of it:

Complete Level 100
Receive a +25% Vehicle XP bonus on every multiplayer battle for the rest of the season
18 additional levels
additional points
) after Level 100
Receive a +25% Commander XP bonus on every multiplayer battle for the rest of the season
Complete 24 additional levels (earn 120 additional points) after Level 100
Receive a +25% Silver bonus on every multiplayer battle for the rest of the season

Soldiers of Fortune Starter Pack

And your FREE Soldiers of Fortune Starter Pack? You not leaving without it, are ya? It’s a smart move doing what you do best with these in the mix:

  • Premium Account Time – 3 Days
  • x2 Silver Boosters (5)
  • x3 Vehicle XP Boosters (5)
  • x4 Commander XP Boosters (5)

You can get it from the in-game Store, the PlayStation Store, or the Xbox Store:

Please note: This pack cannot be gifted. Availability may vary by platform and region and may be delayed until after season release day. DLC available only once per account.

Soldiers of Fortune: Season Tanks

Alright, here we go. Everyone’s favorite section.

You can earn three reliable Premium tanks for World War II mode as part of your Soldiers of Fortune season rewards.

And yes, if you already own any of these, you’ll receive their Silver value as compensation once you complete their associated level. Merry Christmas…

As for the shiny new toys that come with every season, say no more.

In Soldiers of Fortune, you can get a hard-hitting and mobile Cold War medium with your Season Pass, and a punishing Mercenary tank destroyer with the Ultimate Season Pass.


  • Mode: Cold War
  • Affiliation: Independent
  • Era: Escalation (Era 2)
  • Class: Medium Tank

Okay, so Bandit is like a gunslinger from the Old West. It’s fast on its tracks and packs some serious firepower that leaves few standing. They could also have called it “Thick McHardy” with the protection its turret offers, but hey, they went with Bandit instead. So, there you go…

  • Stick close to the frontliners and support them with your powerful 125mm gun.
  • Add mobility and firepower-focused Equipment to bring out the best of its specs.
  • Hide the hull. Bandit is a tough cookie, but don’t push it. Support is the way to go.
Bandit Rendered Image

Tank Characteristics: Bandit

  • Matchmaking: Escalation (Era 2)
  • Silver Bonus: 65%
  • Tank XP Bonus: 10%
  • Commander XP Bonus: 10%
  • Hit Points: 2,600
  • Engine Power: 950 HPR
  • Power/Weight Ratio: 22.37
  • Speed Limit: 70.6 km/h
  • Reverse Speed: 32.4 km/h
  • Hull Traverse Speed: 50 deg/sec
  • Turret Traverse Speed: 36 deg/sec
  • Gun Depression: 6 deg
  • Gun Elevation: 14 deg
  • Penetration: 408/420/145
  • Damage: 550/550/690
  • Aim Time: 2.3
  • Accuracy: 0.35
  • Rate of Fire: 6.12 rounds/min
  • Reload Time: 9.8 sec
  • Damage Per Minute: 3,366
  • Max Ammo Capacity: 44 rounds
  • Shell 1 Type/Speed: APFSDS / 1,785
  • Shell 2 Type/Speed: HEAT / 905
  • Shell 3 Type/Speed: HE / 820
  • View Range: 495 m
  • Signal Range: 550 m
web animation
Earn Bandit by getting the Season Pass or Ultimate Season Pass

and completing Level 100!


  • Mode: World War II
  • Nation: Mercenary
  • Tier: X
  • Class: Tank Destroyer

This piece of work lives up to its name. See, it has a 183mm cannon, and that thing can do some serious damage. Its protection is also pretty good, making it a reliable mid-range support tank that, thanks to the proximity, will deliver each shot with brutal efficiency.

  • Support the brawlers with peek-a-boom tactics.
  • Stay close to cover to reload safely.
  • Watch out for flankers. You have limited turret traverse.

Tank Characteristics: Ruthless

  • Matchmaking: Plays up to Tier X
  • Tank XP Bonus: 5%
  • Hit Points: 2,000
  • Engine Power: 750 HPR
  • Power/Weight Ratio: 11.79
  • Speed Limit: 38 km/h
  • Reverse Speed: 12 km/h
  • Hull Traverse Speed: 28 deg/sec
  • Turret Traverse Speed: 16 deg/sec
  • Gun Depression: 6 deg
  • Gun Elevation: 15 deg
  • Yaw Limit: -90 90
  • Penetration: 310/230/92
  • Damage: 1,150/1,450/1,650
  • Aim Time: 3.1
  • Accuracy: 0.40
  • Rate of Fire: 1.82 rounds/min
  • Reload Time: 33 sec
  • Damage Per Minute: 2,093
  • Max Ammo Capacity: 20 rounds
  • Shell 1 Type/Speed: AP/830
  • Shell 2 Type/Speed: HE/830
  • Shell 3 Type/Speed: HE/830
  • View Range: 380 m
  • Signal Range: 745 m
Ruthless - Updated Armor Viewer
web animation
Ruthless is exclusive to the Soldiers of Fortune Ultimate Season Pass.

Soldiers of Fortune: Season Commander

She’s called the Phantom of Falun and she ain’t no joke. This ex-Swedish Spec Ops is a Hero Commander, offering three open Skill slots and a +30% Commander XP bonus to anyone looking to hire her services.

Get acquainted with this season’s 3D Commander with an Ultimate Season Pass.

Phantom of Falun

Head over to the Commanders’ tab and customize her with your preferred Skills to get an edge in battle.

Season Level Buyouts

Alright, alright, we hear ya. Some of you want to get to your rewards fast and now, etc.

We got THAT covered too, so don’t worry. Whether you get a pass or not, you can use Gold to skip or buyout levels and reach your rewards faster.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Highlight the level you want to skip and press "A" (Xbox) or "X" (PS) to skip the level.
  • You can skip one, multiple, or all levels. The Gold cost will be based on how many levels are being skipped.

Level buyouts are 250 Gold per level. There will be NO season overtime or opportunity to skip levels after November 20th.


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