Flames of War Key Art - Blue Sky Flames of War Key Art - Blue Sky
FLAMES OF WAR - Complete Season Information
JULY 28, 2023

Battle with fire and iron to conquer 100 levels and earn powerful Premium tanks and more! Develop your battle plan here!

Forge your path ahead and strike while the iron is hot with the determination you've always felt inside.

Unleash the tanks, the rage, and the FLAMES OF WAR in the latest season of World of Tanks Modern Armor.

From adversity you shall triumph, and like the phoenix soar to new heights as you earn the season’s rewards.

Choose your path and climb the season’s 100 levels by completing Challenges and earning prizes on your way to the top.

Follow the links below, or scroll down for more information.

Reward Highlights and Season Pass Info

The Flames of War season runs through Monday, September 25th.

All players can pursue three specific ways to earn season rewards and content:

  • Free Rewards
  • Season Pass Rewards
  • Ultimate Season Pass Rewards

You’ll find all the reward details broken down by level in the “Seasons” tab in game. Once there, you can also check the available Challenges for the season. Finish these to earn the points you need to complete each of the season’s 100 levels.

The graphic below will give you a summary of everything you can get in the Flames of War Season.

FLAMES OF WAR_SeasonRewardsInfo_ENG

Update, August 2nd: Earlier there was an issue that caused players to receive a different version of the Morrigan 2D Standard Commander as the Level 75 reward.

This issue has been corrected. Any players who completed Level 75 before the correction will be credited with the correct version of Morrigan; they will also get to keep the version that they previously received. Happy tanking!

Additionally, you can view the highlights from each reward path below:

  • Rewards every few levels (includes Silver, Gold, Boosters, Premium Time, and more)
  • Morrigan 2D Standard Commander (with two open Skill slots) at Level 75
  • German Tier VIII Mauerbrecher VK 168.01 (P) Heavy Tank upon completing Level 100
  • Flames of War Season Medal upon completing Level 100

Automatically available for FREE to all players!

  • All rewards from the Free Rewards path
  • Additional rewards at EVERY LEVEL!
  • Rise from the Ashes Inscription Voucher at Level 3
  • Flaming Skull Emblem Voucher at Level 7
  • British Tier VI AC 4 Experimental Medium Tank at Level 25
  • Hot Pepper Emblem Voucher at Level 43
  • Phoenix Emblem Voucher at Level 53
  • Teletank Fire! Emblem Voucher at Level 71
  • Soviet Tier VIII IS-3 auto Heavy Tank at Level 75
  • Flames of War Season Emblem Voucher at Level 83
  • NEW! Object 292 Détente Era (Era 3) Eastern Alliance Heavy Tank at Level 100
  • Enough Gold to cover the next 2,000 Gold Season Pass

Available for 2,000 Gold in the Store

  • All rewards from the Free Rewards path
  • All rewards from the Season Pass path
  • 25 levels already completed
  • Andre Lemaire 3D Standard Commander - awarded at purchase
  • NEW! French Tier X Projet Murat Medium Tank - awarded at purchase

Available for 6,000 Gold in the Store

All level-by-level rewards can be viewed in game. For a better look at the Cosmetics you can earn with the Season Pass and Ultimate Season Pass, as well as the Flames of War Season Medal that everyone gets after Level 100, take a look below.

Flames of War Cosmetics and Medal

Rise from the Ashes Inscription

Flaming Skull Emblem

Hot Pepper Emblem

Phoenix Emblem

Teletank Fire! Emblem

Flames of War Season Emblem

Flames of War Season Medal


NOTE: If you get a regular Season Pass and later decide that you want to upgrade to the Ultimate Season Pass, you can do that! Head to the in-game Store, where you’ll find the Upgrade to Ultimate option available for 4,000 Gold.

And whether you get the Free Rewards, Season Pass, or Ultimate Season Pass, completing all 100 levels of the Flames of War season will grant you bonuses in battle throughout the rest of it:

Complete Level 100
Receive a +25% Vehicle XP bonus on every multiplayer battle for the rest of the season
18 additional levels
additional points
) after Level 100
Receive a +25% Commander XP bonus on every multiplayer battle for the rest of the season
Complete 24 additional levels (earn 120 additional points) after Level 100
Receive a +25% Silver bonus on every multiplayer battle for the rest of the season

Flames of War Starter Pack

Use your FREE Flames of War Starter Pack to fan your battle sparks with the following items:

  • Premium Account Time – 3 Days
  • x2 Silver Boosters (5)
  • x3 Vehicle XP Boosters (5)
  • x4 Commander XP Boosters (5)

You can get it from the in-game Store, the PlayStation Store, or the Xbox Store:

Please note: This pack cannot be gifted. Availability may vary by platform and region and may be delayed until after season release day. DLC available only once per account.

Flames of War: Season Tanks

Earn three well-established Premium tanks for World War II mode as part of your Flames of War season rewards.

If you already own any of them, you’ll receive their Silver value as compensation once you complete their associated level:

And use this chance to add the two season-exclusive vehicles to your collection with a Pass!

Get a hard-hitting, top-of-the-food-chain Cold War heavy with a Season Pass, and a flexible French medium that was custom-made to showcase your skills with the Ultimate Season Pass.

Object 292

  • Mode: Cold War
  • Affiliation: Eastern Alliance
  • Era: Deténte (Era 3)
  • Class: Heavy Tank

You’re always in command of the game’s top tech when playing in Cold War mode, and this relentless piece of metal and rage is no different.

The Object 292’s gun is capable of penetrating most of its targets’ armor. Enjoy watching the enemy fall into disarray, Commander. It’s quite the show.

And like most Deténte Era tanks, its mobility is more than capable of quickly getting you to where you need to be and reinforce, or even break through, the line.

Object 292 Updated Render

Tank Characteristics: Object 292

  • Matchmaking: Era 3
  • Silver Bonus: 65%
  • Tank XP Bonus: 10%
  • Commander XP Bonus: 10%
  • Hit Points: 3,850
  • Engine Power: 1,250 HPR
  • Power/Weight Ratio: 28.78
  • Speed Limit: 70 km/h
  • Reverse Speed: 20 km/h
  • Hull Traverse Speed: 44 deg/sec
  • Turret Traverse Speed: 36 deg/sec
  • Gun Depression: 4.5 deg
  • Gun Elevation: 14 deg
  • Penetration: 900/180
  • Damage: 760/980
  • Aim Time: 2.6 sec
  • Accuracy: 0.31
  • Rate of Fire: 5.83 rounds/min
  • Reload Time: 10.3 sec
  • Damage per Minute: 4,431
  • Max Ammo Capacity: 40 rounds
  • Shell 1 Type/Speed: APFSDS / 1,980
  • Shell 2 Type/Speed: HE / 960
  • View Range: 500 m
  • Signal Range: 690 m
Object 292_1
Object 292_2
Object 292_3
Object 292_4
web animation
Earn the Object 292 by getting the Season Pass or Ultimate Season Pass

and completing Level 100!

Projet Murat

  • Mode: World War II
  • Nation: France
  • Tier: X
  • Class: Medium Tank

M for Murat. M for mobile. Use this tank’s acceleration and top speed to give the match’s scouts a run for their money and to take the best positions on the map.

Its gun can also deal reliable burst damage. Combine this feature with its incredible depression values to become a deadly ridgeline fighter and support tank.

Rush to the high ground, surveil the area, and bring down the pain.

(Armor Viewer image updated on July 31st)

Projet Murat - Updated Rendered Image

Tank Characteristics: Projet Murat

  • Matchmaking: Plays up to Tier X
  • Tank XP Bonus: 5%
  • Hit Points: 1,900
  • Engine Power: 1,200 hpr
  • Power/Weight Ratio: 28.57
  • Speed Limit: 60 km/h
  • Reverse Speed: 21 km/h
  • Hull Traverse Speed: 44 deg/sec
  • Turret Traverse Speed: 36 deg/sec
  • Gun Depression: 12 deg
  • Gun Elevation: 20 deg
  • Penetration: 261/330/53
  • Damage: 390/390/480
  • Aim Time: 2
  • Accuracy: 0.32
  • Rate of Fire: 5.45 rounds/min
  • Reload Time: 28 sec
  • Shots Per Clip: 3
  • Intra-Clip Reload: 2.5 sec
  • Damage per Minute: 2,126
  • Max Ammo Capacity: 54 rounds
  • Shell 1 Type/Speed: APCR/1,575
  • Shell 2 Type/Speed: HEAT/1,100
  • Shell 3 Type/Speed: HE/700
  • View Range: 410 m
  • Signal Range: 750 m
Projet Murat_1
Projet Murat_2
Projet Murat_3
Projet Murat - Armor Viewer Updated
web animation
The Projet Murat is exclusive to the Flames of War Ultimate Season Pass.

Flames of War: Season Commander

This season’s 3D Commander is a well-established tanker that has volunteered to serve alongside the Projet Murat Medium Tank. Get the Andre Lemaire 3D Standard Commander as soon as you acquire your Ultimate Season Pass.

Andre Lemaire

As a Standard Commander, Andre Lemaire starts with one open Skill slot and earns Commander XP at a regular rate.

Head over to the Commanders’ tab and customize him with your preferred Skills to get an edge in battle.

Season Level Buyouts

Whether you get a pass or not, you can use Gold to skip or buyout levels and reach your rewards more quickly.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Highlight the level you want to skip and press "A" (Xbox) or "X" (PS) to skip the level.
  • You can skip one, multiple, or all levels. The Gold cost will be based on how many levels are being skipped.

Level buyouts are 250 Gold per level. There will be NO season overtime or opportunity to skip levels after September 25th.


Flames of War Key Art - Blue Sky
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