The Veterans Gaming Clan [VGC]

Membership Policy: by invitation only

Clan Members (74)

Outlaw23V Commander
Catfish63 Executive Officer
PhonedTree VGC Recruitment Officer
AAGoldsmith Private
AAInsanity Private
AK7579 Private
AP0LL0 USA Private
Armensyths Private
AussieSoldier01 Private
BadMotoWeazal Private
Bas Anios Private
BigMike12JB Private
BlazinWeedies Private
Bradgronkski Private
Broken Digger Private
BuckeyeVet420 Private
CCCcrew Private
ChopperGreg VGC Private
CrypticXeno13 Private
DOZER0298 Private
Derelictus Private
DougWebster Private
DreadDuke Private
FiremanJerry Private
GWOTVET00 Private
Governor Zero Private
Gozinta Private
Gurthy Rooster Private
Herd Of Arabia Private
Howlin Mad USMC Private
JuanVergo420 Private
KZJ95R Private
LeatheryObject Private
MichiganWildcat Private
MrGrenadeMcBoom Private
NimbleRex527533 Private
Ole Sarge I Private
PaschalBadge9 Private
Rip Cobal Private
Rossman34 Private
RustyGull94471 Private
SOU812 Private
Sargetn4 Private
ScaleBack Private
SgtFury921 Private
Shahrooz Private
Shandybass123 Private
Sidewaayz Private
Slegoace Private
SteadyOdin4 Private
Steel Wolf 31 Private
TENTHmtnVET Private
TEXAS WildCat 8 Private
Teufelhund98 Private
The Ow Of Now Private
Thee Highwayman Private
Trent the Bad Private
VGC Izzy13 Private
VGC MKUltra68 Private
VGC Mortarman Private
VGC RustyBBQ13 Private
VGC Sempifi70 Private
VGC StandFast Private
WhisperedFeat Private
Whit Crane Private
ZULUD0G Private
fignuts81 Private
go green420 Private
kpz1234 Private
open fire in Private
ssgddean Private
xNoBounce Private