The Hit Squad [THS]

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Clan Members (71)

XDukeSavageX Commander
BadFROSTYSNOW Executive Officer
CarriedCheese60 Executive Officer
B RAD WW Recruitment Officer
locogringo32 Recruitment Officer
stomber Recruitment Officer
AvoidedChunk542 Private
B3PuttinUAsL33p Private
BH PR3DAT0R Private
CalMeDaddyD40 Private
Chan3rang Private
CineplexIE Private
ContourGinger28 Private
Decy 07 Private
Diftherya Private
DillPickl301 Private
Doom n 120mm Private
Dragnious Private
EliteLordJames Private
FinnShim Private
HebrewIzzy Private
HomegrownMoggly Private
Inform Hazard Private
It Bounced Private
IveGotBumGrapes Private
JXCK37 Private
LCPLRagnar Private
LateralBard8867 Private
LoneWolf4660 Private
MRTHUD1 Private
MadScientist321 Private
Metallimies Private
MoKiete Private
Mr Donutie Private
Nightfire322222 Private
OverlandJoker59 Private
PunchDriller Private
REDNECK90 Private
RapidJoey67052 Private
RogueCargo420 Private
RommelsPanzer44 Private
RustyKettle420 Private
Scumbag Aar0n Private
Serpent 6 Private
ShoweryCosine4 Private
TMT Twiist Private
TX2420 Private
Telakxul Private
The ARPJ Private
USArmyTanker137 Private
Ultron886 Private
UnholyTrombone Private
Vanaath Private
VoS Killer Private
WaviestSoup5130 Private
XHostileHippieX Private
Xx916RIPxX Private
benobeno Private
da recker15 Private
iitsjordd Private
jsa2685 Private
ketchum94 Private
markemark21 Private
moondust32 Private
oxXCARDINALXxo Private
pelucin24 Private
ranger52052 Private
toythendestroy Private
wschroeder001 Private
xLordDarkseidx Private