The 232nd Kuromorimine Mechanized Division [KMD]

Membership Policy: Open for applications

Clan Members (79)

WrathofAchilles Commander
II Vaporzz II Executive Officer
lethalkillerdan Recruitment Officer
A 10 thunder 2 Private
Akherousia6 Private
Anoka Butters Private
ArmoredMartyr77 Private
AyoTreachery Private
Azullium Private
BalancOfJudgmnt Private
Blanc Lw Private
BliTz v Fire Private
Compy Private
Cookie and Cat Private
Cruiser Abukuma Private
DEMON18027 Private
DRAGON ZR0 Private
Darff Wader Private
DarjeelingsCute Private
DatTrollinSpy Private
Godzilaice Private
Goma3911 Private
Hyzteria xL Private
III Umbreon lll Private
IJN Amatsukaze Private
Itami Suzuki Private
Ivory Hearts Private
JthemassacreV2 Private
KawaiiKonChan Private
KawaiiLoliAngel Private
Koneko Da Best Private
LOWGUN1000RR Private
MPC 2117 Private
Major Fulcrum Private
Martino122 Private
Metalrodent Private
MiserableDeath Private
Monst3rHunt3r 1 Private
NicoH58 Private
NightOfDeaths Private
Nuke2099 Private
OhLookItsAHEGAO Private
Radicalspeeder Private
Rajputin Private
ReZ Killcams Private
Reyuji Private
S1ARA117 Private
SANDVIPER1314 Private
SapphiricReaper Private
Science0 Private
SdKfz Pakwagen Private
Silent D95 Private
SlummyZeru Private
Smashaxely Private
SmashingSnow Private
SniperGhost104 Private
SnipersLaww Private
SpoonCrush Private
THE MISFITS 95 Private
The Nenjee Pope Private
W 4 L K U R E Private
WOLF 5392 Private
WY Silver Wolf Private
WaIpurgisnacht Private
Warthog II Private
WiIdxMustang Private
XXxTwisterx Private
Youtube qtLogik Private
assfish111 Private
iaL Reckless Private
jbolt13 Private
pufffire98 Private
theonlybal Private
xTwisted Angel Private
xyblid Private