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KnuckleCrushers Commander
Jelly Belly0874 Executive Officer
taxAblePiE Executive Officer
Engaging Plan B Recruitment Officer
GreatCalf33779 Recruitment Officer
Lawry Recruitment Officer
ACDBRN420 Private
AntArctic 9809 Private
Anxiuhs Private
Chamoye Private
D4rkne55 F4llS2 Private
Digital ERR0R Private
DingusPingPoots Private
Epsilon 119 Private
Fear Chiefs Private
FlynnWasTaken Private
I Wolfy Wolf Private
KimoTherapy808 Private
Meatballsaws Private
PrimedFury Private
RainmanZO6 Private
ScrimmyNibbNobs Private
SkunkWorks TRIO Private
Snipper970 Private
Spartacus slays Private
StatingFungus Private
SuppleSpice3318 Private
Xayvache Private
barc0d3 Private
danogen007 Private
xBudBrotherx Private