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llTanKz Commander
E M V E L Executive Officer
PSYCHO POOCH Executive Officer
DwarfOnDrugs Recruitment Officer
Mattehhhh Recruitment Officer
R4TED BUT H4TED Recruitment Officer
BioTrifected Private
Buddy x Israel Private
Calbad Private
DampRaccooon Private
Dnaxis Private
Dr LoveBush69 Private
I Reux I Private
ItsJustAGame IX Private
Kaiser RR Private
KillaMaNjaRo XV Private
RedHotWurst Private
Reflex 1nF Private
Schwallex Private
Spartan kurt 52 Private
TallDesert34426 Private
The Randy Duck Private
WoodenBobcatman Private
ZonateHaddock15 Private
dnL V2 Private
exiLe I DroPpeD Private
l Landknecht l Private
l Mr Emil l Private
rocksteadysolid Private
theflash52 Private
xxWILKESYxx Private