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Spuff Vermon Commander
Diabeticman Can Executive Officer
The Iron Curse Executive Officer
Han S0L0 DL44 Recruitment Officer
SUXACHOLINE Recruitment Officer
St Evil717 Recruitment Officer
A Balanced View Private
AAA RICKY303 Private
Atomic Speedyz Private
BULLWorldoftank Private
Cemetary79 Private
Conn33377 Private
CrimsonTide586 Private
Dangerman007 Private
DesertedOcean44 Private
Desolate Strike Private
Doctor Shepherd Private
DreddTheReaper Private
ESG DeathStrike Private
Endless BAC0N Private
FnMotorTuh Private
GOMANGO67 Private
GinoDino Private
HighLordAutism Private
I for Invictus Private
Icyragewolf96 Private
Joseph Maguire Private
Jusman100 Private
KIL0xBRAV0 Private
Lazuoris Private
LtButterfingerz Private
MR T EF Private
MR VANCE291 Private
Man0fL3ad Private
MasonicStew223 Private
Mr Messerscmidt Private
N64 Majora Private
Phoenix45ACP Private
R3MIXX3D Private
ROZN8R Private
RavioliRaver206 Private
Rudi SRT4 Private
SEAL Redneck Private
SergioBoy16 Private
StinkyBog82 Private
TeCH Hail Private
TheAtomicDrum Private
TheGeneral2432 Private
ToxicSpartan98 Private
TypicalKid69 Private
Wigsplita503 Private
Wilse29 Private
Without A Tres Private
Wolf Amidst Us Private
Wonderful Truth Private
XxMasterShakexX Private
YENKO69 Private
ZonaryDolphin19 Private
bamafreak3 Private
byToxiic Private
mitcom421 Private
oINFINITI 35Xo Private
oberon68 Private
ronanfay Private
smokngrencrk420 Private
spsquare 159 Private
stilllsmoking42 Private
triggerhappyk22 Private
x STUMPED x Private
xXViCtIm17Xx Private
z WileECoyote z Private
zombiekiller174 Private