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This_ls_Sparta__ Commander
DsG_AngryBullbog Executive Officer
SeeNoEvil_9 Executive Officer
Communist1993 Recruitment Officer
Hy6acuK Recruitment Officer
pazitivchik-KZ Recruitment Officer
AK-47Uzi Private
AmmoHere Private
BaigaisFrukts Private
DanteSSVK Private
Doktor_Grom Private
Elias_Alfano Private
ImXbox0ne Private
Kusto_m Private
MrBob_A_Feet Private
ProExercitio Private
Rasalfrasal Private
RoyalInnKeeper Private
SandeR_0K Private
TancDeCurseRO Private
Vasily_Zaytsevb Private
WaffenKitty Private
bt_voltix Private
c666ay96 Private
klesionHD Private