The Dogs of Destruction Tank Regiment [DODTR]

Membership Policy: Open for applications

Clan Members (26)

riddemkilla333 Commander
chance-destroyer Executive Officer
elitedeadman Executive Officer
Aodath Private
BiPolarGrenADE Private
Bigbadbozman7 Private
CrimsonSword12 Private
Davildo Private
Fuzo82 Private
Gstoney24180 Private
Iluvhuskies123 Private
JFen0804 Private
NM1NG77 Private
Nick_Vic_007 Private
Nordic_Drengr Private
RaviingShaun Private
Saint026 Private
Sinisterlegions Private
foghornj44 Private
im_balthazur Private
magnus-munch04 Private
papucel_KGB Private
redavenger1973 Private
riceterence79ric Private
saydian71 Private
stianandorsen Private