The Great Journey Tankers [TGJT]

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EtOblitusMiles Commander
BROWN332207 Executive Officer
TheGeSlayer Executive Officer
DIRTY1 DIRTY2 Recruitment Officer
I Avocado l Recruitment Officer
ScarletHare3473 Recruitment Officer
DarthBacon1776 Private
Darvis50 Private
EngagedHarpy Private
Griffin Blade Private
IChugIPAs Private
MightyDwarf2 Private
ProNemesisOX Private
ProperSciGuy Private
Shadow1627 Private
Sirdiesalot101 Private
ThatGuyFears Private
Thor of Xbox Private
WolfeySenpai Private
l Guac I Private
macboys83661 Private
oO Raptor 0o Private
rN Trophies Private
v1 Benny Boi Private