Swedish Tankers, but open for anyone to join. [STRV]

Membership Policy: Open for applications

Clan Members (33)

Nicke19 Commander
DragonSlayer SE Executive Officer
p73s Executive Officer
HungryLinus Recruitment Officer
anf1974 Recruitment Officer
motor sw Recruitment Officer
BigShmonk Private
ComradeBremer Private
Cpt PoTaTo Zzz Private
DaBiasMachine Private
Deathwish407 Private
EmpHiroDripo Private
FarbrorBanan Private
FiBr1 Private
Hopprep Private
Insolent_Genji69 Private
JANKA 7773722 Private
Linus7019 Private
Mike JoAyres Private
Nirn Private
Nyhman82 Private
PapaPosa Private
PetterGZA Private
ShadowDatLirk Private
Skuggan 84 Private
SunnierGiant4 Private
SuperPsychoDad Private
Sved89 Private
Toydoyone Private
Wolf of Odin485 Private
rgaffsss Private
tung bomull Private