League of Munge [MUNGE]

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Clan Members (29)

CptBadger Commander
SgtBobMonkey Executive Officer
AvidCapWearer Recruitment Officer
BubsFett75 Recruitment Officer
mrb0nj Recruitment Officer
Adrifing Private
Ando79 Private
BAZ BOI Private
BrendaRulez Private
CaptainAccident Private
CrispyCat012 Private
DBFmancini Private
HEND025 Private
LT BAND Private
LegioMorte Private
MUGABE0079 Private
MajorKaput Private
Mickyjmad Private
Pingus Revenge8 Private
Shaikyl Private
StimpyGooner90 Private
TougeMonster187 Private
VailedCarrot27 Private
Xerxes Pro84 Private
coldstreamer360 Private
grd FatMan Private
thbeardedsquid Private
xHybridGhostx Private