The Hate Filled Pandas [HATE]

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SNRlancaster12 Commander
RaptorJesuzz Executive Officer
SovietMadman75 Executive Officer
DEADJESTER0 Recruitment Officer
EnergyTurtle817 Recruitment Officer
Aftershock09 Private
AngryBoogBoy Private
BADBLADE95 Private
Cyrex005 Private
Driverlampz Private
Grizzly4979 Private
Hatchet 083 Private
JPBlaze Private
KyleLubeck Private
MaxTheViewer1 Private
Monkeyboy199322 Private
MrMarbles524 Private
PlatedSoup Private
RudyRootBeer Private
Sgt HATRED9262 Private
Stumster Private
ThyMulti Private
Tolavar Private
UhurtMyhead5207 Private
XShadowOdinX Private
XXwarr blood XX Private
jeeditrooper Private
the derpaholic Private