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The Randy Duck Commander
Petty360 Executive Officer
The Turkey Tank Executive Officer
I x SiNz x I Recruitment Officer
choppermeir Recruitment Officer
AJR568 Private
Agent 0f Ev1l Private
Angererrr Private
AngryWombat519 Private
AnubisSquid20 Private
BigHairyHobo Private
Cagey 16 Private
CanadianCXRider Private
Castiel249 Private
ChaosPanda009 Private
Colonel_Zechs Private
Common Chino Private
Crayon_Commander Private
Critical-Bob Private
DankestHorse1 Private
DarthSilentBob Private
DarthSilentBob Private
DefiantSpurr Private
Defiantspurr Private
DevilsJoker8 Private
DevkaPadla Private
Dragonflea02 Private
DustDevil2 Private
Ealesy123 Private
FOTU5150 Private
FlyingMonkey914 Private
FungyFips Private
GnarlyFocus Private
Grubber65 Private
Hungersmash556 Private
IamCa1i Private
Idle_M1nd Private
ItsRobbyRhino Private
Jem Hadar 3109 Private
Jiimmy Jazz Private
JohnsPassAnt Private
Kimochiii3864 Private
LOtharAKaDoc Private
LargoGinganinja Private
Meh Nxmes Jeff Private
MrSideScrape Private
Muqtada_al-Sadr Private
Nevermindxo Private
Orbtastic1 Private
PacificSocrates Private
Paleolithics Private
Pat_Henry Private
Raedarius Private
Rebel65 Private
RelentlessShine Private
RxP_999 Private
SIFU WANG2 Private
SixFooter411 Private
SmokeyMcPOTxx Private
Smu_to Private
Solo Vagant Private
StickingWorm Private
TeaCakeOrDeath Private
TimeSplitter_47 Private
ToxikYEET Private
Turenzii Private
UNSC MARINE 02 Private
UnbornWhitetigr Private
UnicornMage Private
Usain Salt Private
WarriorAbyss Private
WoodMonk9 Private
WreckedVariable Private
XxBatnobxX Private
akaRoloTomossi Private
bahadir_77m Private
bigbuckbandit Private
buckers9 Private
buddasmith Private
garethmarenghi Private
greedyboyuk Private
griff3993 Private
iXGrimzyXi Private
koolkar456 Private
l OlliMaT l Private
lonewolf280 Private
minimize Private
mylentils Private
parapampoi Private
phoDOG35 Private
shyLFDY Private
squidgy-dog Private
totalmayhem87 Private
v PENGY v Private
xX J3P0 Xx Private
xX08UFANSXx Private
xXCrow72X Private
xZortex97x Private